The ultimate video guide to DIY radiator maintenance

Over the years, we've made a wide variety of videos covering a range of issues connected to radiators and central heating systems. We felt it was time to collect all these videos into one handy blog post so they can easily be accessed and referenced whenever you face one of these problems yourself.
  • Radiator problems
  • Radiator installation
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Other useful radiator videos


All the videos we've done on how to fix certain problems with your radiators and heating system. All are explained in simple terms to enable you to attempt the fixes yourself, however if you feel uncomfortable with any of these tasks, we recommend you bring in a professional.

How to fix a radiator that won't get hot

How to balance your heating system

How to bleed a radiator

Why you need to add inhibitor to your heating system


Installing a radiator is not necessarily something that you need to call a plumber about. Many people will often purchase their radiator from the Internet and then set about fitting it themselves, therefore completely avoiding plumber costs. We have done some videos featuring Jimmy the plumber who explains the process step by step. However, as Jimmy points out, it's not always straightforward, so if you aren't sure about anything, it's better to give a professional plumber a call.

How to fit a vertical radiator

How to install a heated towel rail

How to install a radiator in a tricky place

How to pipe up a radiator


TRVs (as they're known in the trade) are an important part of any heating system. Not only do they allow you the flexibility to heat any room as and when you want it, then also play an important role in keeping your heating bills lower. These two videos explain in detail exactly how thermostatic radiator valves work and what you need to do if you want to fit or replace one.

How thermostatic radiator valves work - the ultimate guide

How to change thermostatic radiator valve


Here are some other radiator-related tasks that you may find useful for jobs in your home. Anything to do with DIY always requires some sort of jump into the unknown and the best way of learning and improving is by getting your hands dirty. That being said, it's important to ensure that you are not causing your heating system to stop working or, even worse, making something potentially unsafe. Watch, learn and enjoy these videos, but don't attempt anything you're not comfortable with.

How to hang a radiator on plasterboard

How to bleed a heated towel rail

How to remove a radiator without draining it

How to install a radiator under a window

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