The top 5 radiators for small spaces

The top 5 radiators for small spaces
17 January 2023
The top 5 radiators for small spaces
Column radiators in small spaces under windowsColumn radiators in small spaces under windows

For those who have limited experience of DIY or plumbing tasks around the house, it can be very easy to look at a small room or narrow piece of wall space and decide that it's impossible to fit in a radiator.

For that tiny percentage of people who don't live and breathe central heating related matters like we do, it can be easy to think of a radiator as something that is white, horizontal and needing a large amount of wall space.

And that's a perfectly understandable thing to think. However, we are delighted to let you know that this is not always the case.

(Those of you with tiny under-stairs toilets that you thought would always have to be cold, should start to get excited now.)

Improvements in radiator technology

In actual fact, radiator technology has come a long way over the last 20 years with smaller sizes with high heat outputs an absolute reality.

For example, come convector radiators can be small in dimension, yet have double panels and double rows putting out a high amount of heat. Likewise, column radiators now come with a choice of 2, 3 or even 4 rows of columns, allowing you greater flexibility in the size of radiator you choose, no matter what size the room.

There has also been an increase in popularity of vertical radiators, making a lack of horizontal space a problem that is easily overcome. If you've previously written off many spaces in your home as too small to squeeze in a radiator, the list below might convince you to reconsider adding a heat emitter to that area.


Kartell SIngle Panel Radiator

The Kartell range of convector radiators are well-known for being well-manufactured, highly durable and very good value for money.

With a single grooved front panel, this 300(H)mm x 400(W)mm radiator is the smallest in the range. It provides a very useful size for fitting into tight spaces, like an ensuite or downstairs toilet.

Made from the highest quality mild steel, this radiator puts out a very respectable 714 BTUs and should be a definite consideration if you have a space you thought was too small to be heated.

Finished in a crisp white and complete with a stylish side paneling and top grill, this simple but effective convector radiator would look fantastic wherever you decide install it.


Trade Direct white column radiator

Classic column radiators are among the best sellers in our catalogue and with this Trade Direct 500 x 592mm rad, it's not hard to see why.

With a simple two column design, this stylishly finished radiator emits a heat output of 2067 BTUs. This is a very high amount of heat for it's size and will more than comfortably heat any small room or area it's placed in.

A light and efficient alternative to a traditional cast iron radiator, the classic column range is very versatile, looking great in any type of property.

The 2 column 500 x 592mm is the smallest in the range and is also available in a anthracite finish, in case you were looking for an alternative to white.

Efficient, stylish and manufactured to the highest quality, this small column radiator should be a serious consideration if you're looking to provide heat to a small area.


Small Trade Direct Heated Towel Rail

A very popular addition to a bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom is the trusty heated towel rail.

With more and more of us living in smaller and smaller living spaces, we often want hotel-like qualities on a smaller and more affordable scale.

Additionally, it's increasingly popular to add tiny ensuites, understairs toilets or attic bathrooms, so being able to squeeze in a luxury like a heated towel rail is very desirable.

This Trade Direct Straight Bar Chrome Heated Towel Rail is the smallest in our range at 600mm x 400mm (HxW) and puts out an impressive 620 BTUs.

Also available with curved bars and with an electric element (for those without central heating), this small, chrome heated towel rail would be a classy addition to any small bathroom, toilet or ensuite.


Small Nevo Anthracite Radiator

If you are keen to make a design statement with your radiators but have previously been put off by the fact that you live in a small property, then consider this beauty.

This designer Nevo radiator measures 600 x 544mm and licks out a heart-warming 1621 BTUs.

This one is the single panel version, but opt for the slightly thicker double panel equivalent and the heat output increases to 3242 BTUs. Very impressive for such small dimensions.

Finished in a high quality 1.5mm mild steel, this is a radiator that is going to get noticed no matter where you install it.

The Nevo looks fantastic in anthracite-grey, but is also available in a more traditional white, for those of you who like the design but want to stick to a classic colour.


Small Victorian Cast Iron Radiator

Not to be missed is this small cast iron stunner, which is one of the smallest radiators in our entire catalogue.

Measuring just 450mm x 215, this 3 column Victorian radiator is capable of emitting 822 BTUs.

Cast iron is one of the classic radiator manufacturing materials and they look particularly good in period properties that want to keep the feel of their original features.

Despite the opulent image, this cast iron radiator is very good value for money and benefits greatly from the modern technology that has been introduced to this classic design.

Available in several different antique or metallic finishes, our cast iron radiators can also be custom-finished to any colour you require. This makes them particularly versatile for fitting seamlessly into your interior design plan.

If you've got a Victorian or Georgian property and there's a small space that needs heating, this tiny cast iron radiator is definitely worth a second look.

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