Should heated towel rails be left on?

Heated towel rails are designed to be left on all the time and there are no safety issues to consider if you decide you want to keep them running.

A standard heated towel rail will typically come on and off in accordance with the main central heating system.

An electric rail has an on/off switch and most contain an automatic safety cut-off if the rail starts to get too hot.

With dual fuel heated towel rails, you can choose whether the rail comes on with the central heating system or is powered by electricity.

Financial & environmental responsibility

Even though safety isn't an issue, you may want to consider whether the cost of leaving a heated towel rail on all the time is financially worth it.

Heated towel rails are normally quite efficient and are not generally expensive to run, but why increase the cost of your heating bills unnecessarily?

You should also consider the environmental impact of leaving your heated towel rails on all the time. For example, if you have a rail in a spare bathroom or utility room that isn't being used all the time, is it necessary to leave them on all the time? Is it financially or environmentally responsible to heat a room that isn't being used.

Energy & cost saving measures

If you have a heated towel installed in your home, there are some steps you can take to avoid your rail being on all the time. This will help you to keep your heating bills down and ensure you're doing your bit for the environment.

Thermostatic radiator valves

A Thermostatic Radiator Valve

If you have a standard, hot water central heating system, then you can consider adding TRVs to your heated towel rails and radiators.

These are the valves that typically come with numbers on, allowing you to control when the rails or rads come on and off. The numbers on the valve correspond to the temperature of the room, so your rail will only come on when the room drops to a certain temperature and will switch off once the room gets too hot.

Thermostatic radiator valves offer a great way to ensure your room remains at a comfortable temperature without using up too much energy unnecessarily.

Smart controls

Smart controls

Many standard and electric heated towel rails come with smart control functionality, usually controlled via an app on your phone. This allows you the ability to really micro-manage your heating system, ensuring your heated towel rails are only on when you want them to be.

Electric rails also often come with timers so that you can set them to be on for a certain amount of time before switching off.

This type of control over your rails gives you dry and warm towels, but without continuing to heat them beyond the pint they need it. It's a great way of keeping your heating bills down and reducing your home's overall carbon footprint.

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