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Oxford Cast Iron Radiator Range Oxford - the home of tradition, intelligence, Morse, Lewis and one of the best and most famous universities in the world. You know that any range of cast iron radiators named after one of England's most prestigious cities is going to be something special. Our Oxford range definitely do not disappoint in terms of their style and elegance. They're also contain one of the most intricate patterns in our entire cast iron range. The ornate and striking detailing means that you will create a real centre-piece in any room that one of these bad boys gets installed in. Visitors won't be able to help themselves from going in for closer inspection and making these delightful radiators a focal point of the pre-dinner small talk. Three different height options, a great choice of widths and a variety of very grand and popular colours to choose from make the Oxford range an excellent choice for those wanting to make a statement with their cast iron radiators.

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