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Georgian Cast Iron Radiator Range The Georgian architectural movement occurred in Britain between around 1714 - 1830 during the reigns of George's I - IV and much of this amazing architecture remains and permeates British culture today. Synonymous with beautifully classic style, our Georgian range of cast iron rads are very aptly named, reflecting all the traditional elements of this revered time period. The unique selling point about these particular cast iron radiators is that they go down to very narrow width measurements. This makes them perfect for installation in areas where space is tight, such as behind a door, in a narrow hallway or small bathroom. This allows you the double benefit of maintaining traditional styling and the practicality that small radiators brings. Free delivery and provided with steel wall stays and 10 year guarantee, you're also able to specify your desired colour, making these rads an excellent and realistic choice for creating a traditional environment in your home.

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