Trade Radiators recognised as a Glasgow Living Wage Employer

Always keen to take an interest in local and cultural business activities, we are very pleased to announce that we have been recognised as a Glasgow Living Wage Employer, in line with Glasgow City Council's decision to raise the Glasgow Living Wage to £7.85 from 1st April 2015. The City Council introduced the Living Wage in March 2009 as a way to improve living standards across Glasgow, and it has subsequently been responsible for increasing the salaries and quality of life for many people across the city. As a supporter of higher living standards and a better Glasgow, we are happy to be associated with this excellent initiative, as well as being proud of the fact that our excellent employees have long-recieved over and above the Living Wage set by the council. Ourselves and the other, almost 200 Glasgow Living Wage Employers are delighted to have a business in the city that is leading the way across Scotland and the UK in raising living standards and improving employment conditions. We all agree with the research that has been done that shows the introduction of a living wage has resulted in huge benefits, not just for employees, but for employers as well. Having a satisfied workforce has led to a great deal of benefits, such as higher quality staff, higher attendance, greater productivity levels, more motivation and loyalty. This is great for business, which is, in turn, great for customers who are able to receive much higher levels of service. We fully support the Glasgow Living Wage Scheme and encourage other businesses in our great city to also get involved. Other cities in the UK are also running similar initiatives, so we encourage companies around the UK to get behind the idea and help to a great a better Britain. More information on the Glasgow Living Wage can be found at: Article by Benjamin Clarke
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