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An anthracite traditional bathroom radiator net to a double set of basins

Radiators and heated towel rails are included in interior design plans much more now than at any time in history. Being able to keep warm efficiently is automatically expected now with people turning their attentions more to the style, design and finish of their potential rads and rails.

In this article we'll look at a few of the more unusual designs in our catalogue which will hopefully give you some inspiration. It might get you thinking about what you could install in your home as an alternative to white, convector radiators!

DQ Cove Copper Designer Radiator

DQ Cove Copper Designer Radiator

Copper radiators are a relatively new kid on the block and they're fast becoming a firm favourite, due to their modern take on a Victorian style.

The polished, stainless steel finish on this DQ Cove radiator is absolutely stunning, with the column chambers combining classic and contemporary to complete perfection.

Available in horizontal or vertical orientations, these DQ Cove Copper radiators will ensure your room looks fantastic. They will also ensure your central heating provides the knockout combination of style and function.

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Reina Slimline Designer Radiators

If you've got a thin, narrow area or a room with limited horizontal space, then installing a vertical radiator makes a lot of sense. Deciding to fit one of these style slimeline radiators from Reina makes even more sense.

Reina are one of the best-known manufacturers of high quality radiators and this vertical, smooth fronted rad is no exception. It even comes with an optional towel bar to make it even more practical.

Vertical radiators are an increasingly common sight in today's modern homes, but you can still have something special and unique with this fantastic offering.

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Trade Direct Anthracite Bathroom Radiators

Trade Direct Wentworth Traditional Towel Rail, Anthracite, 960mm x 675mm

Combining the traditional styling of a chrome-barred bathroom radiator with the modern colour of anthracite, this range of radiators is an eye-catching mixture of old and new.

The normal colouring of chrome and white is completely transformed when the silvery-charcoal body is used instead. The minimalist look of many bathrooms is instantly given an up to date twist and has become very popular as a result.

If you want to have the functionality of a towel bar and the heat output of a radiator rolled into one stylish package, you'll find it difficult to find a better option than this.

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Thatcham Heated Towel Rail

Towelrads Thatcham Towel Rail, Chrome, 1390x500mm

This Thatcham heated towel rail is a real eye-catching piece and would give your bathroom something that looks like an art installation.

With dimensions of 1390 x 500mm and a heat output of 1211 BTUs, the Thatcham definitely falls under the category of 'unusual' and is sure to get a lot of admiring comments.

If you're wanting something for your bathroom that looks very different from a traditional, ladder-style heated towel rail, this could well be the option for you!

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Berkshire Chrome Heated Towel Rail

Towelrads Berkshire Towel Rail - Chrome, 900x300mm

Due to it's unique, cylindrical design, the Berkshire Heated Towel Rail is guaranteed to get attention.

With a highly polished chrome finish and measurements of 900 x 300mm, you're getting a functional and stylish piece of equipment that can convenient fit into the narrowest of vertical spaces.

If you want something that makes you smile every time you look at it, the Berkshire fulfils that brief perfectly.

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