VIDEO - How to bleed a radiator

Once you know how to do it, bleeding a radiator is a very simple task. It's something that needs to be done when there is air trapped in your system and it's actually one of the most common radiator problems. Fortunately, it's also one of the easiest to sort out, as Jimmy the plumber explains in this video. A common sign that you have air trapped in your radiator is a rad that is hot at the bottom but cold at the top. There are several reasons for air getting trapped in your system, including not using a chemical inhibitor, your heat pump being set at too high a speed, or you may have had recent maintenance done on your system that has allowed air to get in. Jimmy goes through the process of switching off the heating system, opening both the valves at the bottom of the radiator, then opening the air bleed with a bleed kep or flathead screwdriver to let the air escape. As shown in the video, you'll hear the air esacping so you'll know that you're doing the right thing. Keep a cloth handy as there will be a bit of water that spurts out too! Once the air, and a little bit of water has come out, don't forget to close up the bottom valves again. By following Jimmy's instructions and what you can do to minimise the likelihood of this happening again, please follow his instructions carefully. If you are still experiencing problems after this, then it's probably best to call in a professional to take a look at your system. The radiator featured in this video is a Black Saturn Double 1800mm x 415mm Designer Radiator. Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • VIDEO - How to balance your heating system 15th Jan 2014  • VIDEO - Learn how to pipe a radiator 30th Jun 2015  • VIDEO - How to install a radiator in a tricky place 30th Mar 2016   
4 May 2016