VIDEO - How To Fit A Vertical Radiator

In this video, Jimmy the plumber goes through the process of removing a standard horizontal radiator and replacing it with a vertical radiator. Vertical radiators are becoming increasingly popular additions to people’s homes because, not only are they available in a fantastic range of designs and sizes, they are an excellent way to heat a room that has limited wall space and where a traditional horizontal rad just won’t fit! As Jimmy explains in the video, before you even think of removing the old radiator from the wall, you need to make sure the system is drained of water, otherwise you will get a messy leak all over your floor! By following Jimmy’s instructions, you will will learn how to correctly measure the radiator and how to use the fixing kit (that comes with every Trade Radiators radiator) to properly hang the radiator on the wall. You’ll also learn some best-practice tips, such as which side to have your air vent and how to determine which pipe is the inflow. The aim of the video is for you to watch a professionally qualified plumber go through the process of installing a vertical radiator so that you feel knowledgeable and comfortable enough to carry out this task at home with your own radiators. If you do have limited wall space and previously thought that it simply wasn’t possible to get a radiator with enough heat output to satisfactorily heat the room, now you know otherwise. We have a great range of vertical radiators in a variety of designs and sizes, so you will definitely be able to find a rad suitable for your home! View our vertical radiator range here. Article by Benjamin Clarke
17 February 2015