VIDEO - How to Hang a Radiator on Plasterboard

In our latest video, Jimmy the plumber is back to take you through the process of wall-mounting a radiator onto plasterboard. Many people have been put off hanging radiators on plasterboard because they may have heard nightmare stories of the plaster being damaged or even radiators completely falling off walls. In this video, Jimmy blasts these myths to smithereens, showing not only how easy it is to successfully hang rads onto plasterboard, but also how the mounting is so strong you can actually get up onto the radiator and surf it, with no damage at all! Obviously not to be tried at home, but you get the point! Most importantly in this video is the importance Jimmy places on getting the measurements and using the correct wall plugs for ensuring maximum strength and security. Placement of your top and bottom brackets is essential in ensuring your rad hangs correctly, and also selecting the correct wall plugs will make sure that the plasterboard is able to take the weight of your rad. Jimmy goes into good detail of how to drill holes into the plasterboard, recommending that you first drill small pilot holes, before going in with the larger drill bit and plastic plugs. This makes sure that the screws, plugs and brackets all fit very snugly with no movement - vital in making sure the rad is hanging securely. The radiator used as an example in this video is a 4 Column Own Brand Classic column radiator and we offer a range of this type of radiator in a variety of sizes on our website. The classic column radiator is a style that looks great in any setting, whether you have a period property or a more modern and contemporary home. Our Own Brand Classic Column rads come with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee and with free delivery to any mainland UK address. You can see our full range on our website: Article by Benjamin Clarke
5 May 2015