VIDEO - How to install a column radiator

VIDEO - How to install a column radiator
7 August 2014
VIDEO - How to install a column radiator

James the plumber is back with a very detailed and educational video on how to fit a white column radiator. He takes you through the whole process from unpacking the rad, to removing the old radiator, to making sure you fit the new one level and a whole load more.

A sleek alternative to your ‘standard’ house radiators, traditional and modern encompassed in one stylish radiator. With an extensive range of sizes, colours and from different manufacturers there’s sure to be a column radiator solution for your room or full home.

Column radiators are defined by the number of vertical columns they have, i.e. the number of tubes that join the top and the bottom sections together in depth. For example, a radiator that is 3 columns deep is referred to as a 3-column radiator. 2 column radiators and 3 column radiators are the most common models.

There is so much great stuff in this video and it will leave you feeling completely confident to fit a column radiator in your own home yourself! Enjoy!

Column radiators at Trade Radiators

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