VIDEO! How to install a radiator in a conservatory

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In today’s video, Jimmy the Plumber shows you how to install a radiator in a conservatory. Heating up a conservatory in the colder months can be difficult and a lot of work and Jimmy deftly shows us how to sidestep these problems, which is great for turning the space into a year-round option. There are some difficulties with installing the radiator in such a space, with the most common being working out what heat output you need from your radiator for the space it's occupying. As Jimmy explains, because this type of radiator is unlikely to be on every day, a thermostatic radiator valve will help give the room a heat boost when needed. There is a slight distance problem with the location of the wall and Jimmy has to work around it with the height and location of the radiator. With a little help from the customer, you can see the old radiator on the other side of the wall being removed. In other Trade Radiators Videos, you can see how to do everything from draining to piping a radiator, so this video has a focus on making sure you get to learn how we get around the problem of the radiator’s location in respect to how the existing pipework of the house is laid out. You’ll see how Jimmy solves his problem of where to hang the conservatory radiator by changing the position of the existing radiator on the other wide of the wall while installing another single panel radiator. The new radiator’s position will make it easy to pipe through the wall in to the conservatory without any pipes awkwardly sticking out. The radiators installed in this video were panel convector radiators. You can see these radiators, and more like them, on our site at Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • VIDEO - Learn how to pipe a radiator 30th Jun 2015  • VIDEO - How to replace a small radiator with a large one 7th Nov 2013  • VIDEO - How to install a column radiator 7th Aug 2015   
11 February 2016