VIDEO - How to install a radiator in a tricky place

In this video, Jimmy the pumber shows that it's possible to install a radiator almost anywhere, even in places that you didn't think possble. As Jimmy explains, in this kitchen the customer already has underfloor heating, which begs the question, why do they want to install a radiator in there as well? Underfloor heating can take some time to heat up to full temperature, so having the option of a radiator means that heat can be switched on much more quickly when needed. This is particularly useful if you have guests or if it's very cold - no need to wait for hours before you can use the room. Additionally, having a radiator in a kitchen is useful for drying hand towels or anything else that would benefit from being draped across a radiator. The installation of this radiator is made especially challenging by the fact that there is a huge fridge-freezer in the way, plus pipes need to be run from an adjacent toilet, under a kicthen cabinet and along the wall. This has the potential to look an absolute mess if not carried out properly. Jimmy explains how he will remove the very bottom of the plasterboard on the wall and run the pipes in the channel to connect up to the pipework housed in the toilet. He also explains that the pipes will be covered by putting on a nice piece of skirting board. As you see at the end of the video, Jimmy does a great job of hanging the radiator and making the pipework look incredibly neat and tidy. As he says, with a little bit of planning and foresight, you can install a radiator almost anywhere in a home. You can view all of our black/anthracite designer radiators here >> Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • VIDEO - How to install a vertical aluminium radiator in a kitchen 4th Mar 2016  • The benefits of choosing a vertical radiator 4th Dec 2014  • Why it's time to upgrade your radiators if they're over 15 years old 13th Aug 2015   
30 March 2016