VIDEO - How To Install A Radiator Under A Window

In this excellent and informative video, Jimmy the plumber takes us through the process of installing a radiator under a window. As Jimmy explains, no matter how good your double glazing, windows will always let a small amount of cold air into the home (when compared to brick walls, for example). So whenerever possible, plumbers always like to install radiators under windows so that the cold air immediately gets warmed up as soon as it enters the house. In this particular house, it might appear that the gap underneath the window is too small to be able to fit a radiator underneath. However, due to the fact that Trade Radiators offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes of radiator, Jimmy shows that you can fit a rad in even the most awkward of spaces. Jimmy then runs through the process of measuring up the radiator, installing the brackets and then correctly hanging the rad so it looks great on the wall. The process of fitting a radiator is surprisingly easy so it's definitely a job you can tackle yourself. However, as with any plumbing job, if you are unsure about any part of the process, it's always best to get in a professional to do the job properly. The radiator installed in this video is a 300m high horizontal rad from our Trade Direct Flat Panel radiator range and we've got a huge variety of radiators for you to choose from. Whether you've got horizontal or vertical wall space, you'll find a rad in our flat panel range to suit your needs. We've got horizontal rads measuring from 300mm (h) x 800mm (w) right up to a whopping 600mm (h) x 2000mm (w). Similarly, for making use of upward space, we've got vertical rads measuring from 1600mm (h) x 500mm (w), all the way up to 1800mm (h) x 600mm (w). With an additional choice of single and double panels, as well as single or double convector fins, we've given you a massive amount of choice so you can get the exact measurements and heat outputs you need to heat your room, enabling you to modernise your home with minimal disruption! View our Trade Direct Flat Panel radiator range here >> Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLESVIDEO - How to install a radiator in a conservatory 11th Feb 2016  • VIDEO - How to install a radiator in a tricky place 30th Mar 2016  • VIDEO - How to install radiators in different rooms 9th Sep 2016   
17 January 2017