VIDEO - How to install anthracite radiators in different rooms

In this video, Jimmy the plumber installs 3 separate anthracite Saturn radiators. The first is a horizontal single panel installed in the room leading out onto the garden. The second is a vertical single panel installed in a tight space in the kitchen. The third is a large horizontal double panel rad installed under the window in the living room. As you can see in the video, anthracite radiators are a very stylish option, making the rad a real focal point of the room. The colour is a great alternative to the standard white, while offering a softer darker alternative to black. This video is an excellent example, not only of how to install a radiator, but also shows the variety of shapes and sizes we have available. The customer who's house is featured in this house had a very specific set of requirements which we were able to assist with to their satisfaction. Perhaps the best example of this is with the radiator installed in the kitchen. Many people face the issue of small amounts of wall space in smaller rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and ensuites. This is where the vertical oriented radiator really comes into it's own. Vertical radiators have only really come to prominence in the last decade or so, so there are still many people who are pleasantly surprised that stylish vertical radiators are available that provide such a great solution to limited wall space. At the other end of the scale, this customer had a large living room with a large window running across the front of the room. Because the Saturn Anthracite Range comes in so many different sizes, we were able to provide a large horizontal radiator with doubly panels that not only looked a perfect fit for that space, but was also able to heat the room comfortably. Our Saturn Range of radiators all come with free delivery and comprehensive 15 year guarantees. You can see our full range of Anthracite Saturn Radiators here >> Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • What is the difference between single and double panel radiators? 26th Jun 2013  • The benefits of choosing a vertical radiator 4th Dec 2014  • Why it's time to upgrade your radiators if they're over 15 years old 13th Aug 2015   
9 September 2016