VIDEO - Installing a heated towel rail timelapse

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In today's video, Jimmy the plumber aims to break the world record for fastest install of a heated towel rail of all time! No, not really. This video is a little bit of fun that shows the process of Jimmy installing a towel rail using timelapse video. Jimmy's customer is a gentleman who is in the process of renovating his whole house and he hasn't even started on the bathroom yet. However, in the meantime, the customer's wife really needs something to hang and dry her towels on, so Jimmy has been called in to get one installed as a temporary measure. This is an example of a towel rail being installed correctly, even though in a few months it will have to be taken off so that the whole bathroom can be redone. However the great thing is that the bathroom can be decorated but the towel rail can be placed back on the wall in exactly the same place and is ready to go. Jimmy even neatens up and connects the pipework in this video, so the heated towel rail is fully functional for this interim period and when the bathroom has been fully decorated. Once the owner decides to get rid of "the worst 1970s tiles in the world", he can do so knowing he's got a fully functional towel rail ready to be used. View our full range of heated towel rails here >> Article by Benjamin Clarke
22 September 2015