VIDEO - Learn how to balance a vertical radiator

The radiator featured in this video is the 1800 x 415mm Saturn Black Vertical Radiator. In this latest video, Jimmy the Plumber takes you through the process of balancing a long vertical radiator. The main reason for balancing a radiator correctly is to ensure it is fully functional and with no cold spots. Any radiator that is not functioning as it should be is almost always going to cost you money, so watching this video will be vital in assisting you with ensuring your vertical rad is set up properly. If you are installing a vertical rad for the first time, as Jimmy points out, it's important to establish the direction of the flow of the water, or more simply, which pipe is the in pipe and which one is the out pipe. Always check the manufacture's instruction booklet that comes with the radiator, as often, different brands of radiators require slightly different set up techniques. For anyone watching this video, Jimmy provides some excellent tips on what mistakes and pitfalls to avoid, some useful short cuts on getting the job done properly, but most of all, giving you the expertise on how to install and balance a vertical radiator that is running correctly and efficiency. Ultimately, you want your radiator to be installed and doing it's job with the minimum of fuss - Jimmy shows you how. You can view the full range of our black designer radiators here >> Article by Benjamin Clarke
23 June 2015