VIDEO - Learn how to pipe a radiator

As a second part to our previous video, where we showed you how to hang a radiator on plasterboard, in this video Jimmy the plumber shows you how to completely pipe up a radiator in order to connect it to your central heating system. Jimmy explains what a drop-down leg is - a situation where you only have a few radiators that are being fed from the floor above. You will need to ensure that two parallel pipes coming down from above to feed the lockshield and thermostatic radiator valve. Helpfully, Jimmy also installs a drain-off valve, so if that radiator needs any work at some point in the future, you will be able to drain down that area of the system. Knowing how to accurately measure up and install copper pipework is a very useful skill for any DIYer because it gives you the knowledge and ability to fit a radiator anywhere you require one. Rather than being stuck with existing placements of your radiators, by following this video, you will have the confidence to install and pipe up a rad in more convenient places. Jimmy makes this process easy, clearly explaining how to mark up your rads, how to get the pipes parallel with a spirit level and where to drill the holes for your clips. As a professional plumber, Jimmy also goes into detail about the exact process of measuring up pipes and handy tips on how to connect them up to the valve in order to successfully create a watertight seal. Additionally he shares the benefits of his expertise with soldering, making sure that you get all the knowledge you need to have fully functional pipes that aren't going to spring a leak! Jimmy quotes some excellent words of wisdom from his Dad; "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." This basically means that when you are installing your pipework, take the time to get everything level and installed correctly, rather than doing it quickly, soldering everything up and not being happy with the results. This vid is an absolute must-watch for anyone wishing to tackle the job of piping up a radiator themselves! You can view our range of Own Brand Column Radiators here >> Article by Benjamin Clarke
30 June 2015