What if you need to get behind a radiator to paint the wall or to get rid of the last remianing remnants of some 1970s wall paper? Does it mean you have to drain down the whole system just so you can get behind the rad? No, it doesn't.

Jimmy, the professionally qualified plumber, is on hand to take you through the process of removing a radiator from the wall without all the time and effort required to fully drain the system.

Have some help

Because you aren't draining the system, the radiator will be full of water and therefore very heavy, so if you are attempting to do this at home then it's a good idea to have someone on hand to helping with lifting the heavy radiator off the wall.

Get your valves sorted out

As Jimmy explains in the video, it's very important to shut off the lockshield valves so that no more water can flow into the radiator. This will ensure that water does not rush out onto your floor when you remove the rad.

It's also vital that you, not only relieve the pressure from the bleed valve, but also remember to shut the bleed valve after you have let out the pressure. If you don't do this, then air can get into the top of the rad, forcing water out of the bottom. As Jimmy says in the vid, he "cannot stress the importance of it enough." You've been warned.

Have some old towels ready

Make sure that you have some towels placed down on the floor because there will always be a few drips of water that splash out and, obviously, it's best if this dirty water doesn't go all over your floor, particularly if your home is carpeted.

By following the instructions in this video, you will successfully have the knowledge to safely remove a radiator from your wall without completely draining down your central heating system. This will leave you with no excuses as to why you have painted that bit behind your radiator!

The radiator used in this video is from our stainless steel designer radiator range.


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