VIDEO - View Our Trade Direct Heated Towel Rail Range

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We've just unleashed our brand new Trade Direct range of heated towel rails and Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumber runs through everything you need to know about them! As Jimmy explains, because of our unique relationships with the manufacturers, we are able to cut out the middlemen and buy straight from the factories, passing the savings onto you the customer. You'll see Jimmy looking at at two examples of the Trade Direct range and he'll discuss how versatile they are and how they can be incorporated into your heating system. You even get to see how well-packaged our heated towel rails are when they arrive with you, giving peace of mind that we treat our orders with care and not causing you any headaches due to damage in transit. It's important to note that our Trade Direct heated towel rails have horizontal bars that are 22mm wide. Most of our competitors stock towel rails that are only 19mm wide. Additionally, many competitors' rails don't have as many horizontal bars as our Trade Direct rails. In practical terms, this means that our rails with emit more BTU heat than our competitors rails, even though they are of similar design. This makes our Trade Direct Rails the more efficient option. Whatever size you're looking for, we have a huge variety to suit all types of spaces. These range from 400 - 1000mm wide and 600-1800mm high, so you will find what you need within our Trade Direct range All the towel rails in this range can be dual fuel with an electric element in the bottom of the radiator as well. The range is standard for a typical hot water system, with our pipe centres typically 50mm less than the radiator width. But be sure to check that before installing. The radiators can be heated up easily with an electric element, whether it's via a thermostatic valve or traditional one. Also, both can be controlled by remote timers as well. This means that your radiator can be a standalone radiator, so if you don’t want the system to be one, but would like the towel rail on in the summer, these are great with the addition of a little dual fuel manifold, which Jimmy shows how to install very easily. VIEW OUR TRADE DIRECT RANGE OF HEATED TOWEL RAILS >> Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • VIDEO - How to install a heated towel rail 1st Nov 2013  • VIDEO - How to bleed a heated towel rail 20th Feb 2014  • How to fill your Trade Direct Electric Heated Towel Rail 27th Jan 2016   
11 May 2016