We can match your cast iron radiators to the 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year

The Pantone Color Institute has paid tribute to His Royal Badness, Prince, by naming Ultra Violet (purple to you and me) as their '2018 Pantone Color of the Year.' Hot on the heels of them naming an official shade of purple after The Purple One, called Love Symbol #2, Pantone have also paid tribute to David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix by deciding that 2018 should be the colour of Ultra Violet. Indeed, Pantone have even commisioned an artist, in partnership with The Saatchi Gallery, to come up with some purple-themed artwork of Prince and David Bowie (pictured). Each year, the influential colour consultants, Pantone, declare a colour that will set trends and generally be fashionable in the year ahead. Purple is considered to be a creative colour, allowing us to step out of our comfort zones and take a few extra risks. It's also prevelant in food so we can expect to see more berries, purple cauliflowers, aubergines and asparagus tips on 2018's menus. At Trade Radiators, we also have our fingers on the pulse of colour, which is why we felt it important to remind all of our customers that it's possible to customise your cast iron radiators in any colour you choose, including purple! We have a huge range of cast iron radiators on our website and we can generally match most colours that you require before we deliver your radiator. People are becoming more and more adventurous when choosing their radiators and understand that a quality radiator can be a real design statement and focal point of a room. This also means that many are pulling away of traditional colours such as whites or chromes and are increasingly requesting non-tradiational cast iron radiator colours to match up with their increasingly exciting interior design plans! If you have a particular colour in mind for your cast iron radiator, please feel free to contact us on 0141 225 0430, info@traderadiators.com or via our live chat window on our website! We'll be happy to help. You can view our entire range of cast iron radiators here >> cast_iron_range
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