What to do when you receive your Trade Radiators delivery

Sometimes our customers know exactly what type of radiator or heated towel rail they want before they even order on our website, whilst others don’t have a fixed idea and browse a range of different styles before settling on what they want. It really depends on your individual circumstances, regarding time, space, functionality and your interior design choices. Different strokes for different folks. No matter how you come to your decision, in the vast majority of cases, we will despatch and deliver your chosen radiator or towel rail very quickly and free of charge. Just as some people have different requirements when selecting a radiator, some of our customers do different things when they receive it. Many people have a project that they are in the middle of and need their new purchase instantly, whilst others may need their rad for a future project and may not immediately need to install it. However, we have an important message that we want to make clear to all of our customers and that is PLEASE CHECK YOUR RADIATOR OR RAIL AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE IT. Even if you aren’t planning on installing straightaway, please open up the packaging and check the condition of the radiator. We have excellent relations with top quality radiator manufacturers and we have selected our courier companies with great care, based on their professionalism, efficiency and respect for other people’s property. Inevitably, although very rarely, mistakes happen and damage can occur and when this happens we like to be informed of it as soon as possible so we can make it right. If the products are damaged during transit, then the courier company will cover the cost of the damage with their insurance, as long as the damage is reported with 3 WORKING DAYS OF RECEIVING THE GOODS. For this reason it’s vital that you check your radiators as soon as you receive them and let us know there’s an issue. If you get your radiator delivered, take it inside and open up the packaging to find there is something wrong, please don’t panic. All you need to do is take some pictures of the damage and email them through to us, with your information and any other relevant details, to info@traderadiators.com. You can also call us on 0141 225 0430. Please don’t delay and let us know within 3 working days of receiving your damaged radiator. We will normally arrange a courier to pick up the damaged product and also will arrange delivery of a new one at a time convenient to you. In the unlikely event you find your radiator has been damaged, all you need to do is follow our instructions above and we’ll get the matter sorted out quickly and to your satisfaction! Many thanks!
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