Who should you call to fix a radiator?

Who should you call to fix a radiator?

If you've got a problem with your radiators or heating system then it's usually best to call in a professional plumber or heating engineer.

While there are some jobs that you can do yourself, it can be difficult if you don't have any DIY experience. You don't want to accidentally make things worse, so it's safer to get someone in who can fix the issue properly.


In modern times, a plumber tends to be someone who can deal with issues in your house that involve water.

Things like unblocking a drain or toilet, fixing a leaky tap, burst pipes or fitting a bathroom are perfect fodder for a plumber.

It's likely that for a lot of problems with radiators (leaky valves, air trapped in the system, hot and cold rads) you could call a plumber in to fix them

Heating engineers

A heating engineer is someone who is on the Gas Safe Register and is specifically qualified to work on the gas-fired parts of your central heating system. For example, boilers, thermostats, gas pipes, hot water cylinders.

It's important (and required by law) that anyone working on your boiler is Gas Safe registered. Many plumbers are also on the Gas Safe Register, but a generic plumber who does not hold the necessary certification should not be working on your boiler or components.

Which one is best for fixing radiators?

If there is a problem with one of your radiators, the average householder usually doesn't have the required knowledge to diagnose the problem. The solution may not involve the boiler but there is no way you could know that.

It's therefore best to call a plumber who is Gas Safe registered so that they can fix your radiator problem and work on the boiler should it be necessary.

When calling a professional, you can check that they have the Gas Safe certification and they should be able to show you their ID when they arrive.

It's recommended that you have maintenance performed on your boiler and central heating system every 12 months to ensure it keeps running smoothly. Annual boiler and heating maintenance must be performed by a Gas Safe Engineer.


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