Wickes Vertical Radiators vs Trade Radiators

Wickes Vertical Radiators vs Trade Radiators
17 January 2023
Wickes Vertical Radiators vs Trade Radiators
Trade Radiators vertical radiators - better value than WickesTrade Radiators vertical radiators - better value than Wickes

Buying a new radiator for your home may not be the thing you get most excited about during the redecoration process, but it is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make for your interior.

A good-quality radiator will keep you and your family warm throughout the coldest months for around 15 years.

For this reason, it's very important you choose wisely to get the perfect radiator for your home, both in terms of style and heat output. Making the extra effort up front will result in you having a high-quality radiator doing the business for many years to come so we hope you'll read on.

Buying a radiator is not something the ordinary person does on a regular basis, so you might be tempted to go straight to Wickes, a well-known brand that caters for DIY projects. However, while Wickes do many things well, they are a bit of a jack of all trades and do not have the vast array of choice that a specialist radiator retailer, such as Trade Radiators, will have.

Therefore, it's worth investigating a little further to see if you will actually get a better deal from Trade Radiators than you would at Wickes.

In this article, we'll look at some of Wickes' most popular radiators and show you exactly why some of Trade Radiators comparable products are more likely to be suited to your needs.

Our Review Process

We've done our research and know our radiator competitors well. We've been on the Wickes website and have identified a number of vertical radiators that are comparable with radiators that we stock on the Trade Radiators website.

Naturally, we believe that what we offer to our customers is superior to Wickes and we think you'll agree when you see the comparisons below.

In order to ensure you are receiving the best information possible, it's important for you to know that we are comparing like-for-like products, rather than two radiators that are completely unrelated to each other. All radiators discussed are vertical radiators and are similar in a range of imortant ways.

Some of the factors we've taken into account when comparing our radiators with Wickes are:

  • Size / Dimensions
  • Colour
  • BTU heat output
  • Length of guarantee
  • Delivery cost
  • Price range

Comparing Wickes vs Trade Radiators Vertical Radiators

Below, we put some of Wickes' top selling vertical radiators under the microscope and compare them directly with our equivalents at Trade Radiators. After having a look at what we are offering, we reckon you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you see!

Wickes Henrad Verona vs Trade Radiators TD Nevo - White Vertical Radiator

Trade Direct Nevo Vertical Designer Radiator, White, 1800mm x 476mmTrade Direct Nevo Vertical Designer Radiator, White, 1800mm x 476mm

There's no doubt that the Henrad Verona radiator from Wickes is a beautiful example of understated heating design that looks superb in any living environment. It's sleek, stylish and has a contemporary twist, so it's no wonder that it's a popular choice among anyone in the market for a top-class vertical radiator.

However, here at Trade Radiators, we've got a virtually identical design in the form of our TD Nevo Vertical Radiator. Our TD Nevo vertical radiator is from our well-respected Trade Direct (TD) range, which is our own brand selection of rads that allows us to offer sophisticated designs at very low prices.

Take a look at the specifications of our TD Nevo compared to what Wickes are currently offering! We give you a higher heat output, much longer guarantee, free delivery on any order and, perhaps most important in these difficult economic times, we massively beat them on price!

Click the Shop Now button to see further details and order our TD Nevo Vertical Radiator, which includes free, fast delivery. Additional sizes and colours are also available.

Wickes Henrad Verona

  • (H) 1800mm x (W) 440mm
  • White
  • 2662 BTU
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Free delivery subject to min spend
  • £424

Trade Radiators TD Nevo

  • (H) 1800mm x (W) 476mm
  • White
  • 3149 BTU
  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • £219.77

Wickes Henrad Verona Slim vs Trade Radiators TD 2 Column - White Vertical Radiator

Trade Direct 2 Column Vertical Radiator, White, 1800mm x 460mmTrade Direct 2 Column Vertical Radiator, White, 1800mm x 460mm

Column radiators are a popular style that we have noticed more and more people choosing for their interiors. Many now realise that radiators can be stylish in addition to functional, and are looking to do something different that the standard white convector radiators that we all grew up with. The tall, elegant columns provide a classy aesthetic and are a fantastic alternative to those previously-mentioned standard convector radiators. Column rads also provide the authority previously associated with cast iron radiators, but without the heavy weight or price tag. Column radiators are great at providing the middle ground stylistically, while still being incredibly efficient and affordable.

Wickes' Henrad Verona Slim vertical rad is nicely finished in a powder coat white and leans heavily into the beauty of the classic column style. It ops for thin, minilmalist columns rather than the more voluptuous and curvaceous lines found in our designs. It's a good solid radiator, with a high BTU output for it's size, however we think the Trade Radiators alternative is comprehensively the better choice.

Our 2 Column vertical radiator is from our economical Trade Direct (TD) range, our own brand of radiators that allows us to offer high-end styles at incredibly cheap prices. Our TD 2 Column radiator comfortably beats the Wickes competition on heat output and absolutely decimates it on price! Additionally, showing the long-lasting durability and quality of our radiators, ours also comes with a 15 year guarantee, beating Wickes by a full decade! That means longer trouble-free heating at a much lower cost, which will provide peace of mind for many.

The TD 2 Column from Trade Radiators is a great option for anyone wanting to make use of upward space in their home. Intalling a tall radiator next to a window or on a narrow wall, where you previously though you couldn't fit a horizontal radiator, are ideal locations for this super-stylish classic column vertical radiator.

Wickes Henrad Verona Slim

  • (H) 1800mm x (W) 440mm
  • White
  • 4092 BTU
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Free delivery subject to min spend
  • £400

Trade Radiators TD 2 Column

  • (H) 1800mm x (W) 460mm
  • White
  • 4415 BTU
  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • £237.23

Wickes Henrad Alto Double vs Trade Radiators Reina Vicari Aluminium - White Vertical Radiator

Reina Vicari Vertical Aluminium Designer Radiator, White, 1800mm x 500mmReina Vicari Vertical Aluminium Designer Radiator, White, 1800mm x 500mm

With its elegant flat panel frontage, the Wickes Henrad Alto Double is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. The subtle vertical indentations are a nice touch that add a little texture to the otherwise smooth chamber of the radiator. It's a contemporary design that would make a focal point of any room it's installed in.

Once again however, here at Trade Radiators we have a stunningly similar design in the Reina Vicari and believe that our rad trumps the Wickes equivalent with ease. The white, grooved finish on our Vicari is very striking, but you'll note our radiator is made of aluminium rather than mild steel. In case you didn't know, aluminium is a better heat conductor than steel, so our radiator will heat up much quicker to your desired temperature and will use much less energy while doing so. Aluminium radiators are a really efficient way of heating up a space due to the fact they are so energy efficient. This efficiency will likley be reflected in your energy bills, which is of particular importance in this era of high energy prices.

You'll notice in the comparison table below that our radiator is ever so slightly more expensive than the Wickes radiator. However, you'll also see that our radiator provides substantially greater heat output and comes with a guarantee that's twice as long. Throw in the fact that the aluminium material will keep your energy bills lower and we believe you'll get the better deal from us!

If you've got limited horizontal wall space and you'd benefit from installing a tall and thin anthracite radiator, definitely consider this beautiful Reina Vicari Aluminium vertical designer radiator. The Reina Vicari is also available in anthracite, which is an increasingly popular alternative to white.

Wickes Henrad Alto Double

  • (H) 1800mm x (W) 500mm
  • White
  • 6295 BTU
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Free delivery subject to min spend
  • £418

Trade Radiators Reina Vicari Aluminium

  • (H) 1800mm x (W) 500mm
  • White Aluminium
  • 7661 BTU
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • £426.60

Wickes vs Trade Radiators Conclusion

We hope that in the comparisons above, we've clearly demonstrated that Trade Radiators is more than a match for Wickes and usually comes out on top when the whole radiator package is taken into account. This is perhaps not surprising, as we are a specialised business focused entirely on the radiator niche, whereas Wickes offer a broader range of Home & Garden options and don't actually have many radiators to choose from.

At Trade Radiators, we have the specialised knowledge to handpick the very best in radiator design and manufacture. We're able to offer them to our customers for unbelievably competitive prices due to the fact we don't have expensive showrooms or premises to upkeep around the country.

Radiators are what we do best, and providing heating solutions that satify our customers' needs and budgets is always at the forefront of our minds. We hope you agree and decide that an energy-efficient and well-priced radiator is the right option for you!

Shop Our Range of Vertical Radiators

The exciting news is that, in homes and offices across the UK, the installation of vertical radiators is massively on the rise. They're seen as a modern approach to radiator installation in many spaces, especially when horizontal wall space is limited. A vertical radiator is a great idea if you’re looking for a new hallway, bathroom or kitchen radiator and don’t want to sacrifice space or have a support wall you could make use of.

For those on a budget, you can get fantastic value on vertical radiators by shopping our Trade Direct range. Trade Direct vertical column radiators offer some of the best value within the vertical range.

Take a look at our superb range of vertical radiators to see which works best for you and your living environment.

If you need any help with making a decision, choosing your order or specific questions regarding our radiators, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at 0141 225 0430 or info@traderadiators.com.

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