Winter Fuel Allowance for Cancer Patients

Mervyn Storey from the Democratic Unionist Party has welcomed the fact that cancer patients may be eligible for a £100 winter fuel payment from the government by the end of February.‹¯¨

The Northern Island Health Minister, Edwin Poots said “The financial burden, along with the physical affects of cancer and cancer treatments means that many people suffering with cancer find it increasingly difficult to pay their bills. This £100 payment will greatly benefit those being treated for cancer and will help to make the colder months more comfortable.”

This news will have a remarkable effect on cancer patience’s lives. People living with cancer have enough to deal with without the stress of keeping warm and comfortable this winter.

Following Edwin’s comments, Mr Storey added “Many people suffering with cancer find that it becomes increasingly difficult to pay their bills. On-going financial burdens and commitments coupled with the physical affects of cancer and the severe side effects of treatment can have a serious impact. That is why the announcement of this £100 payment is so welcome. It will certainly help during the winter months.”

The Fuel allowance will not just be handed out to anyone suffering with cancer. To qualify you have to have received surgery for cancer between the periods of the 13th June 2011 to the 18th December 2011, received radiotherapy, chemotherapy or palliative care for cancer within the same qualifying period.

By now GPs will have posted a form out to those who are eligible for the £100 payment. The form will be simple and will only require patients to sign and return to the address stated. They will then receive a cheque through the post.

Due to the large volumes of applicants, Minister Poots is advising potential recipients to wait until early February before contacting their GP if they have not received the relevant paperwork.

The scheme is a great idea and will benefit people old and young. It’s good to see that members of parliament are thinking about the big picture, giving money to people who really need it.


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