Aluminium Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are becoming very popular right now as people move towards electric as the primary heating source at home. When you have a tricky room that needs to get warm in no time at all, having a radiator that quickly gets up to speed is a must.

As the UK’s leading online store for electric radiators of all shapes and sizes, we have an unbeatable range of aluminium electric radiators on offer that suits all budgets and styles. 

Shop our current range today and find the ideal aluminium electric radiator to fit in your space.

How do aluminium electric radiators work?

This style of radiator relies on an electric supply to run. This can either be from being wired into the wall or plugged into a socket. It’s the preferred choice when you want to install a radiator in a loft conversion or new room but don’t want to spend a lot of money ripping up the floor and laying down new pipes for just one or two radiators to become part of your existing heating system.

Aluminium Electric Radiator Brand? 

Brands we currently have in stock making high-quality radiators include: 

  • Yandiva
  • Trade Direct
  • DQ Heating

Yandiva would be best suited for commercial clients looking for electric heating solutions in commercial spaces, especially if you have an outdoor area in a restaurant or bar (the Yandiya Infrared Blade Bar Heater with remote is very popular right now).

Trade Direct is our name brand range that provides aluminium radiators without the designer price tag. The aluminium towel rails we have in this range are proving to be very popular for customers with larger bathrooms they want to warm up quickly in the morning.

DQ Heating is a very reputable brand we have stocked for years now. Their designer radiators stand out in any room for all the right reasons.

What are the benefits of having an aluminium electric radiator?

Radiators like these are easier to operate and maintain. Because they rely on an element at the bottom of the radiator which heats a thermodynamic fluid, there is no need to worry about trapped air or having to bleed the radiator. And when one has a fault, you’ll know it is a localised problem with the radiator and doesn’t warrant investigation of your entire heating system. 

How hot can aluminium electric radiators get?

While aluminium is more expensive than steel, it does have the benefit of being a fantastic heat conductor. Radiators like these will get warmer more quickly and retain a consistent level of heat much longer.

If you have a tricky space that causes you trouble when trying to get (and keep) warm, it is advisable to use our heating calculator. Tell us the dimensions of a room, and we’ll let you know what the BTU output you need is. You can then filter down the products on this page to find suitable electric radiator within that BTU range.

Does Trade Radiators have aluminium towel rails?

We currently have a small range of aluminium heated towel rails in stock. They are a fantastic option when you have a space like a box bathroom or a downstairs toilet where you’d want to fuse higher up on the wall and don’t want exposed plugs.

What colours can aluminium electric radiators come in?

The range currently comes in the following colours:

  • White
  • Black
  • Anthracite 

Finish the look with the right accessories

Having the right accessories can help complete the look of your aluminium electric radiator. We recommend having a look at our dual fuel radiators valves and electric heating accessories to help bring everything together.

How long does it take to deliver an aluminium electric radiator? 

On average it will take 2 to 7 working days for us to deliver a new aluminium radiator, as we sometimes have to insert and ensure the electric element works flawlessly.

With some of the heaters in the current range, we can have them ready for next day delivery and shipped to you in no time at all.

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