Copper Electric Radiators

Want an electric radiator which will look striking and perform to a high standard on its own? Trade Radiators has a small but mighty range of copper electric radiators in stock for customers searching for electric options that match function with style.

These radiators are ideal when you want a bright metallic and copper-like finish that will take pride of place as a feature radiator in any room. With these all being electric radiators, you can avoid any prolonged pipework and heating system adjustments with a simple plug and go solution which saves time and money.

Have a look at what we currently have in stock and see if a copper electric radiator is the right radiator for your space.

What does a copper electric radiator look like?

Copper radiators would have a slightly brighter and lighter sheen compared to a satin electric radiator. The finish will be uniform and done in such a way that the column rad seemingly looks like one solid unit. The unique bronze tones are a standout.

Do you have to clean a copper radiator?

You’ll only need to dust it down like any other radiator at home. Copper radiators do not need any specific cleaning products or varnishes to retain their shine.

Are there shades similar to copper I can have?

Someone looking for a lighter electric radiator may want to look at our polished electric radiators or chrome electric radiators.

If the slightly raw look is what you’re going for, some of the black nickel electric radiators may provide the ultra-modern finish you’re after.

Which brands are known for their copper electric radiators?

There is one brand that we think makes fantastic copper radiators, both for traditional and electric heating systems.

DQ Heating provides an unmatched level of detail with their finishes. Some cheaper brands tend to leave a copper finish on the radiator without much care on the application. This is never the case with DQ. All of their radiators look great no matter where you need them.

We’ve been stocking their products for years now and can’t recommend them enough.

What styles do copper electric radiators come in?

Most copper electric radiators will be column radiators. The traditional shape is needed when you have a room you’ll want to bring up to temperature in a hurry.

Can I program an electric radiator?

Some of the copper electric radiators in this range are manually operated. You may notice some products will have a heater controller included. This is a marvellous bit of kit as these controllers can be linked to your home wi-fi and remotely operated via an app.

If you’re placing one of these radiators in a study, converted shed in the garden or independent space, the convenience can see you getting ready ahead of time and coming into a toasty little room.

Some customers often ask if there’s a way to get other radiators at home working in the same way. We suggest looking at our smart heating solutions as we have different valves and smart hubs for any kind of home or business.

Do copper electric radiators need water?

Electric radiators like these have a dedicated filing inside which reacts to the element inside the radiator to heat up accordingly. Some of the radiators are adapted on a made to order basis so we can insert the element and test everything before getting ready for delivery.

We take extra care when getting electric radiators ready. That’s why it can take an extra day or so for delivery.

Speedy Delivery Service

Our delivery service has been specially designed to allow you to get your copper electric radiator to your front door as soon as possible. With delivery as quickly as next day delivery across the United Kingdom (included free of charge) we are sure that with our delivery service you are on to a winner.

We strive to get orders shipped to customers across the UK as quickly as possible. Allowing us an extra day to get the radiator adapted for electric systems, we strive to get electric column radiators delivered in 3-4 working days when the radiator is in stock. If not, we’ll keep you notified of how long it will take.

You can find more information on our delivery page.

Need a question answered right now?

Need to know something about a specific product, or don’t know where to start with electric radiators. Leave a message on our contact page, and we’ll be in touch.

Let us see your radiators

If you have a copper electric radiator taking pride of place in your home, let us know! Share your photos with us over on Instagram. We love seeing how customers use radiators to make any room look great.

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