Custom Colour Electric Radiators From Trade Radiators

Custom colour electric radiators are cutting-edge, bespoke solutions for heating a modern home.

These versatile radiators can be customised to make their colour match the surroundings and installed without the need for radiator pipes. You can implement them easily to deliver style and efficient performance in any space. The ambience of a room will be enhanced with a modern take on the look of traditional, modern radiators with an electric configuration.

If you are exploring different heating options, Trade Radiators has units with various fuel types. These include standard, dual-fuel and even innovative infrared units. With a broad range of styles and materials at your fingertips, Trade Radiators is your one-stop shop for home heating.

Explore the full range today.

Our Range of Custom Colour Electric Radiators

Amongst the options at Trade Radiators, you will find custom colour electric radiators with supreme style, efficiency and affordability. Trade Radiators has the home heating need of the modern buyer well and truly covered.

The options to explore include stylish, modern takes on traditional column radiators assembled from robust steel. They are manufactured by DQ Heating, and you choose the colour using the RAL colour code. This means there is an enormous range of colours available to meet your needs.

Find the best possible radiator size with the help of the free BTU calculator from Trade Radiators. This tool lets you enter your space’s dimensions to identify the heating power required by your new radiator.

You will also enjoy lasting peace of mind as our products have lengthy guarantees. We deliver to the UK mainland fast and free of charge to help keep your costs down.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Colour Electric Radiators

Why Do I Need a Custom Colour Electric Radiator?

Electric heating is an efficient option that makes radiators easy to install in a modern home. The advanced technology and opulent style are very appealing, and the custom colour options are enormous, so you can make your new radiator the perfect fit for your space.

Are There Different Styles Of Custom Colour Electric Radiators?

No, our custom colour electric radiators are currently all DQ Modus units. This is an iconic column radiator aesthetic made from mild steel, but the custom colour options mean you can drastically alter the appearance to suit your needs.

Are Custom Colour Electric Radiators WiFi Enabled?

Yes, these electric radiators can connect to the WiFi in your home to enable remote control of the heating temperature. Many of the electric units in our range accommodate this need.

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