DQ Peta Electric Radiators

DQ Peta electric radiators are a popular choice for those looking for a classic look without the need to connect new radiators up to central heating. With the many finishes available for this popular radiator model, it is able to look right at home in almost any interior.

If you’re looking for a reliable radiator with fantastic heat output, and a radiator that gets to work quickly, you could find the ideal radiator right here.

Take a look at the current range of DQ Peta radiators we have in stock, and get your new radiator delivered for free when you shop at Trade Radiators.

What styles do DQ Peta radiators come in? 

All of the radiators in this range are electric column radiators

Fancy a different style of look from your new radiator? You can always shop for electric radiator by style to see all the designer, panel and cast iron electric models we currently have in stock. 

Do DQ Peta radiators heat a room easily?

Electric radiators tend to get to work very quickly. Whether you have it on a timer, or just flick the switch to turn a DQ Peta radiator on, you should expect it to start warming the space in no time at all. 

Do I need to bleed an DQ Peta radiator?

No. These radiators are completely self-sufficient. When you order an electric radiator, it may take a day or two longer to be delivered as a heating element and liquid need to be installed and sealed in the radiator. You should never have to bleed or carry out any maintenance work on the internal system of an electric radiator.

Are DQ electric radiators good?

If you want a reliable electric heating option, you simply can’t go wrong with DQ. You can view the full range of DQ electric heating options on site, where you’ll find other fantastic models like the DQ Vela which comes in white and anthracite.

Can I control the heating on these radiators?

You may have noticed in the photos for these radiators that there is a heating monitor attached. This provides a simple touch and go solution for you to get the radiator within your ideal temperature range.

One of the great things about these radiators is that they can also be controlled wirelessly via a dedicated mobile app. When your DQ peta radiator arrives, you’ll find full instructions in the box on how to set it up and get it running correctly.

Do the number of columns make a difference? 

The radiators in this range can be bought in 2,3 and 4 column options. The more columns you have, the more space you’re creating for air to come up through the radiator fins and warm up. While all these radiators do a good job in difficult spots, if you had a room which needed a big push to get warm, a 4 column electric radiator would work best.

What finishes do DQ Peta radiators come in?

DQ Peta radiators come in the default Gloss - RAL 9010 finish you get on most column radiators. 

If you’ve found yourself looking for a radiator that has a particular shade or finish, you can shop for electric radiators by colour.

What heating systems do DQ Peta radiators work on? 

These radiators are designed to be used independently of normal heating systems and only need to be plugged in or wired up to your electric to work. 

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