Electric Bathroom Radiators

Whether you’re completely redecorating your bathroom or simply feel that it’s time to upgrade an old electric radiator for something new, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better selection than the current range of electric bathroom radiators we have on offer here at Trade Radiators.

We stock over 20 different electric radiators that would suit any bathroom style; from the simplicity of our white Trade Direct Cambridge style rails to the contemporary finish of an Anthracite electric towel rail.

Shop the range today and find the electric radiator your bathroom needs.

Do electric bathroom radiators heat a bathroom easily?

Electric bathroom radiators work just as well as their traditional counterparts. Electric radiators contain their own filling which can match the BTU output of a traditional radiator.

If you aren’t sure what BTU your bathroom needs, use our simple BTU calculator. It will let you know the ideal size of radiator you need for your bathroom. Many people often overestimate and buy larger radiators that use up more electricity, so best to check and save in the long run.

Can I put an electric bathroom radiator in an ensuite or downstairs toilet?


Electric radiators give you the flexibility to simply install and plug a radiator into the wall rather than getting new pipework done. If you have recently renovated a space into a new ensuite or have a downstairs toilet and you don’t want it to be cold all the time, getting a compact electrical bathroom radiator could be the solution.

Many of the compact models we have on offer can fit in spaces as small as 500mm x 625mm, although the likes of the Trade Direct Surrey compact radiators do sell out quickly when they’re back in stock.

Can I control an electric bathroom radiator independently?

Want to make sure there’s no chill in the air when you get up to shower every morning?

Take control of heating in your bathroom by browsing our range of smart heating controls. We have options including smart plugs, digital thermostats and programmable elements in several finishes to match the look you’re trying to achieve.

What finishes do the electric bathroom radiators come in?

There are three finishes you can choose from when it comes to getting the right electric bathroom radiator:

White – ideal for when you’re going for a traditional finish in the space.

Black – great for anyone who wants a very contemporary look and would have similarly toned features or fittings in their bathroom.

Chrome  - a sleek finish that complements other chrome fittings like handles, taps and shower features perfectly.

Can I get a cheap electric bathroom radiator?

If you filter by price, you’ll see that we have electric bathroom radiators starting around the £200 pound mark. Radiators in a white finish will be cheaper as well.

Helping you find the best bathroom radiator

Still need a little help finding the ideal radiator for your bathroom?

Take a look at the complete range of bathroom radiators we currently have available, with many available in electric and dual-fuel options, starting as low as £40.

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