Electric Column Radiators

Many people love the look of column radiators but don't want to have to fit them into their home's central heating system. That's why, due to popular demand, Trade Radiators now offer a stunning range of electric column radiators.

Our electric column radiators don't just offer an efficient way to heat a room that's simple and easy to set up, they also look fantastic in just about any space you place them in. Combining a high BTU output with a simple and straightforward plug-in-and-use functionality makes these radiators extremely versatile.

Shop our range, order your new electric column radiators online today and get free, fast delivery with Trade Radiators.

What styles do electric column radiators come in?

Even though these radiators use the latest radiator technology to provide heating in a modern manner, the designs in this range lean on traditional looks to provide a simplistic looking radiator that matches quality with performance.

If you’re interested in looking at different looking electric radiators, you can always shop for electric radiator by style to see designer, panel and cast iron models we currently have in stock. 

Do electric column radiators heat a room easily? 

With electric radiators taking no time at all to get to work, they are tremendous at quickly heating up a room, whatever the BTU range of your room needs to be.

Not sure what the BTU of your space is? Don’t worry. We have a very handy heating calculator you can use to see which size of radiator will heat any room perfectly. Remember, you don’t just want to buy the biggest radiator that can fit a space, you want one which falls within the ideal BTU range.

Which brands of Electric Column Radiators are best?

You may notice that most of the radiators in this range are made by DQ.

DQ Heating is a brand we trust and have stocked for a long time now.  Their radiators are long-lasting and shouldn’t see you with any minor problems years into ownership.

I’ve noticed a heat sensor in the photos. What does that do?

The heating controls for these radiators are very nifty indeed. Not only do you have a simple tap and go solution to getting your new radiator at the ideal temperature, but some of these sensors can also be controlled independently over your home wi-fi.

You’ll find full instructions in the box on how to set it up and get it running smoothly.

How many columns can I choose from?

You may have noticed we offer 2, 3 or 4 column radiators. In most cases, the number of columns you’ll want is simply down to taste, and remember that the column number refers to columns by depth (cross-section) of the radiator and not the width.

What finishes do electric column radiators come in?

These radiators, by default, will come in a Gloss - RAL 9010 finish. If there is a particular finish you have in mind, you can shop for electric radiators by colour.

What heating systems do electric column radiators work on?

These radiators do not need to be connected to your central heating system, as they have an internal filling which heats independently.

All you have to do is plug it in and you’ll have a toasty room in no time at all.

Helping you find the ideal electric radiators 

Are you having trouble finding a suitable electric radiator? 

Please get in touch with the team right now, and we’ll see if there’s a radiator available that is just right for your home. You can contact us by clicking here, or have a quick chat right now by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom corner of the page.


electric column radiators

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