Electric Heated Towel Rails

We know that the last thing you’d want to do when redecorating any room of the home is having to get your floors lifted and new pipework carried out just to have one or two radiators piped into your existing central heating setup.

At Trade Radiators, we can help you avoid such headaches with our range of electric heated towel rails. With over 650 different makes and models to choose from and select towel rails starting at just £45, you’ll soon find the ideal electrical rail in the finish you want.

Shop our extensive selection of electric towel rails and buy your perfect radiator today.

Features Of Electric Heated Towel Rails

These types of electrically heated rails have thermodynamic fluid inside to heat them just like you’d expect from a traditionally piped-in towel rail; the only difference is that traditional towel rails use boiling water from a central heating system as their source of heat. 

All you need to do is plug the radiator in and turn it on to get warm in no time at all. The electricity is passed through the thermodynamic fluid, and the interaction it causes generates heat.

You can expect heated electric towel rails to output anything from 512 – 1024 BTU. If you are unsure what BTU you’d need for your room, use our online BTU heating calculator to find out.

Purchasing high-quality heated rails has never been easier.

Electric Towel Rail Finishes

These towel rails are some of the most versatile we have when it comes to colours and finishes – because how they look is important to consider, too, not just how they function.

Our comprehensive range includes the following:

If you have a particular shade in mind, you can shop by colour and find the ideal rail quickly from a range of leading industry brands.

Buy online with ease now.

Exceptional Customer Service

Have questions about our products? Want some help in picking the right electric towel rail for your space?

Contact our customer care specialists, who are well-versed in all the products we offer. We’re always here to help.


How can I get a cheap electric heated towel rail?

You’ll see that you have the option to filter towel rails down to your ideal price range if you’re working within a certain budget. We also have financing options available.


When would I need an electric towel rail?

If you’re building a new bathroom or redecorating, you may want to replace your old radiator with a new towel rail. In many cases, it is much easier to simply wire in a plug that a towel rail can connect to rather than needing new pipework.


Do electrically heated towel rails require plenty of upkeep?

No. These rails work just like ordinary rails and shouldn’t require any specific work to run efficiently. That’s why many of the models we sell have a 2-year guarantee on the element and a 5-15 year guarantee on the towel rail itself.

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