Slim Electric Radiators

If you want electric heating that doesn’t waste space while looking clean and modern, the slimline electric radiators available at Trade Radiators may be perfect for you.

With a sleek design, they are perfectly suited to minimalist homes that are going for a simple yet attractive aesthetic. Here at Trade Radiators, we pride ourselves on our range. Our products can act as more than just radiators, they can prove to be stylish home features.

Just because our slim range may look a bit less powerful doesn’t mean that there’s going to be any compromise on power. In fact, our slimline radiators offer impressive warmth for rooms of all sizes.

On top of looking great and producing ample heat, these radiators are sold at competitive prices, with the benefit of excellent customer service here at Trade Radiators.

Where Should I Put a Slim Electric Radiator?

These radiators are powerful and reliable, so they’re a fantastic addition to any room in the home. However, due to their impressive design, we’d suggest putting them somewhere that they’ll be seen.

Whether that’s your office or your living room, it’s a great addition that will both elevate a room’s aesthetic as well as warm it quickly and efficiently.

Are There A Lot Of Slim Electric Radiator Options?

There are multiple options available from top brands, so you’ll be able to pick your preferred slim electric radiator from Trade Radiators. Just have a look at some of our options that are currently available in our full range, including the DQ Vela Vertical Designer Radiator.

How Powerful Are Slim Electric Radiators?

Not only are these efficient radiators just as powerful as their gas counterparts, but they’ll also heat up quickly and efficiently.

With around 1500 watts of power, they can efficiently heat up larger or high-ceiling rooms as well as open spaces such as hallways.

Unsure of your home’s heating requirements? We have a handy calculator that you can use to find out exactly what output is needed for a room of your dimensions.

Thin Electric Radiators

Not all homes and commercial buildings will have the space required to fit a full-size radiator. The same goes for different rooms in a home. Places like the bathroom, bedroom, or hallways may not have the ability to harbour a large radiator. 

With thin electric radiators, however, this issue becomes a lot simpler to solve. These kinds of radiators are great for areas in the home or business that require heating elements, but you can’t fit in anything else (and a space heater just won’t cut it).

There is often the opinion that narrow electric radiators are not as efficient at heating a room or that they are less powerful than their larger counterparts. On the whole, while this may be true, the BTU and heating efficiency don’t just depend on the size of the radiator. The size of the space it is heating is also a factor to consider as well as the material, heating technology, and age of the radiator unit.

A narrow electric radiator can be incredibly efficient at heating a small space. When we consider that materials such as aluminium heat up much quicker than iron, copper, or steel and that electrical heating technology tends to be more efficient – we begin to see how the actual size of the unit isn’t the be-all and end-all. 

You’ll be surprised at how effective smaller sized radiators can be and happy with the space that they can save.

Can I Get A Cheap Slim Electric Radiator?

With Trade Radiators you’re going to get a great deal, and we’re so confident that our rates are great that we back up our products with a price match guarantee.

You may be able to cut even more off of the total price with our regular sales and offers that we run throughout the year.

And if you love savings you may just get lucky and find that perfect ultra slim electric radiator in our regularly updated clearance section at a fraction of t’s original price.

What Finishes Can I Choose From?

There is a range of finishes that you can choose from so that your electric powered slim radiator perfectly complements the room that it’s going into. Just have a look at our great finish options available:

  • Black
  • White
  • Anthracite
  • Chrome
  • Polished

Get In Touch With Trade Radiators For More On Slim Electric Radiators

If you would like to know more about the great products and services that Trade Radiators offer, such as our free delivery you can either contact us directly or have a look at our advice centre.

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