Glass Electric Radiators

A radiator type growing in popularity, glass electric radiators mix the versatility of electric heating with the sharp design that glass invites. This small range contains some of the best looking electrical products we have on-site, up there with our range of designer radiators.

Shop the range and see if a glass radiator would fit in perfectly with your room.

How do glass electric radiators work?

All these radiators need is a plug, and they’re ready to go. They do have a notable difference compared to other electric radiators though.

While the likes of an electric towel rail or designer electric radiator use the traditional method of convection heating (cold air drawn up, warm air pushed out) to heat a room, the glass radiators here all use infrared heating.

Instead of air going in a cycle, these radiators work directionally, pushing heat outwards. In a traditional radiator you can feel the heat by holding your hand up over it. Here, you can stand directly in front of it and feel the heat. 

Some customers are using this to their advantage in reception spaces where previously a fire would have been. 

Glass Electric Radiator Brands

Brands we currently have in stock include:

  • Yandiva
  • Towelrads

Yandiva makes incredible electric heating products and we think their mirrors are some of the best out there. The minimal framing on these products makes them a perfect fixture in any room.

Towelrads use glass as a design feature in their high performing infrared white designer radiators. The electric option means you can install this horizontal radiator higher up the wall than you usually could with a radiator connected to the heating system.

What are the benefits of having a glass electric radiator?

Electric radiators like these are incredibly easy to maintain; it’s why many in the range have at least a 10-year guarantee on the product. They’re also straightforward to keep clean.

How hot can glass electric radiators get?

Glass radiators can get just as warm as a radiator hooked up to your home heating. When buying any new radiator, it’s a must to know what the BTU of your room is. We recommend using a heating calculator, so you know how much energy is needed to heat a space.

You’ll see all the glass radiators on this page have their BTU output clearly labelled. Knowing what BTU range your room falls in will help you find a radiator that heats perfectly.

What shapes can glass electric radiators come in?

The range currently comes in the following shapes:

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Circle 

Are all glass radiators mirrored?

No. Some of the radiators in the range like the Towelrads infrared options have a front glass panel. This helps add a subtle sheen to the radiator.

Can glass radiators be backlit?  

If you want a feature glass mirror for somewhere like the bathroom, it is possible to have it lit up. We recommend looking at the 500W Yandiya Infrared Mirror Heater LED; the perfect size to hang above the sink and softly light the wall. 

Electric heating when you need it

If you want to keep control of the heating and when you want a glass electric radiator to come on, we recommend getting a thermostat, as some of the smart heating products can’t be fitted to these radiators. 

We suggest getting in touch with the customer service directly if you need help choosing a thermostat. 

How long does it take to deliver an aluminium electric radiator? 

Depending on what we have in stock, we aim to get these radiators out for delivery on the next working day.

Due to the glass component of the radiator, products need to be checked and signed for upon delivery, so we know that it has been delivered to you in the same condition it leaves us. 

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