Polished Electric Radiators

A radiator that performs as tremendously as it looks, Trade Radiators has a vast range of polished electric radiators currently in stock. We are the UK’s leading online retailer for electric radiators, and if you’ve been looking for an electric radiator in this specific colour, we’ll have the right product to fit in your space.

Our range of polished electric radiators comes from top brands like Trade Direct & Pisa, made with size and performance in mind. With many new radiators available for less than £200, you’re guaranteed the best price online when you shop with Trade Radiators.

These polished electric radiators will fit in with any space, don’t need any unique work on-site for installation, and provide a simple plug-in solution for those who want a radiator that can operate. If you’re looking for a heating solution which saves you time and money, a polished electric radiator may be right for you.

Have a look at our current stock and find out if your new radiator is a polished electric model.

What does a polished electric radiator look like?

Many people assume that a polished finish means a radiator that will sparkle and shine. While polished finishes are much lighter than other styles, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a radiator which light bounces off of.

The polished finish provides a unique sheen on the top layers thanks to how the polish is applied, with it commonly being compared to the same look of stainless steel cutlery.

Do you have to clean a polished radiator?

Polished radiators do not require any special polish or cleaners to be cared for. Radiators like these are easy to keep clean. One benefit of choosing a polished finish is that the radiator will have a higher level of protection against oxidisation, meaning you’ll have an even slimmer chance of any stains or signs of rust after years of use. This makes it a better choice when you’re placing a polished radiator in what is considered a wet room, like the bathroom, where you know there will be fluctuations in moisture.

Are there shades similar to polish I can have?

If you want a towel rail like this but want to see if there are similar finishes, Trade Radiators has a few options that may be worth a look.

Stainless steel electric towel rails and silver electric radiators are quite similar in finish and are available in styles like those you’ll see on this page. If you wanted a more subdued polish finish, black nickel is a quite a striking finish.

Which brands are known for their polished electric radiators?

Brands we think create fantastic polished radiators include Trade Direct and Pisa.

Trade Direct is the Trade Radiators name brand range, created by our team. We wanted to give customers in the UK access to designer style electric heating options at a better price than high-end sites. Products like the Trade Direct Towel Rail - 22mm, Stainless Steel Straight, 600x600mm and Trade Direct Towel Rail - 22mm, Stainless Steel Curved, 600x400mm are fantastic options when you are working with small rooms that only require a small amount of heat to get warm. Many Trade Direct polished electric radiators are made to last, with most models on the page having a 25-year guarantee on the towel rail and at least two years on the heating element.

Pisa is a brand we’ve been stocking for years now, which we believe create great rails if you want your polished electric rail to lean more on a lighter stainless steel finish. Their 800mm models are great in new bathrooms where you want the same level of heat output as a bathroom or ensuite that would traditionally be plumbed into your existing heating system. Pisa also has electric heating options in black, anthracite and white. You can view our Pisa range here.

If you’d like to see other designer electric rails we have in stock, you can shop by brand to see rails by the likes of Lazzarini.

What styles do polished radiators come in?

The majority of radiators in this page come as:

  • Curved ladder rail
  • Straight ladder rail

The rail you want will depend on how much space you have to work with, and what you want from your electric radiator. If the radiator is simply going to hang on the wall and do its job uninterrupted, a straight ladder rail is your best option. When you are going to be using the rail functionally for hanging towels on, some find a curved rail to be better.

Can I program a polished electric radiator?

Many of the products in this range will come with either of the following:

  • Single heat element
  • Thermostatic element
  • Programmable remote element

A single element is simply the same as a standard radiator with a cap valve that only comes on when you turn it on. Thermostatic elements provide a wider degree of control and should be thought of as a traditional thermostatic valve. Programmable elements provide a smart solution where you can use a remote to control the radiator to come on wherever you want, especially if you want your electric radiators to come on at the same time as your other radiators.

Do polished electric radiators need water?

Electric radiators are a closed unit and only require an internal element to heat up. Every time you turn an electric radiator on, the element warms up and fluid inside reacts by expanding. This simulates the experience of water in a regular radiator.

Due to the filling process and safety checks required with electric radiators, orders may take an additional day on standard delivery times.

Speedy delivery service

At Trade Radiators we dislike the idea of customers having to wait around on new electric radiators. That’s why we try our best to have polished radiators at your door by the next working day. You’ll see within each product the average delivery time frame, but most of the Trade Direct polished electric radiators in stock can be delivered by next working day across mainland UK when ordered before 2 pm.

For more information on our delivery service, please visit our delivery page.

Commitment to quality

The Trade Radiators team always has two things in mind when providing new radiators to customers: price and quality. We try our hardest to provide new radiators made with high-quality parts which we know will last for years to come and don’t break your budget when shopping for new radiators.

Dedicated to helping you find the right radiators satisfaction

Make sure you visit our advice section to read articles on electric radiators and adapting any room for an electrical product. If this is your first time buying an electric radiator and you’re not quite sure what to look for, get in touch directly, and we’ll be happy to help answer any questions.

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