Reina Designer Electric Radiators

As one of the leading brands in stock at Trade Radiators, Reina has launched a series of designer electric radiator options for those who want the same sleek looks that Reina radiators provide, matched with the versatility of having electric heating at your fingertips.

If this is your first foray into electric radiators, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat this selection of Reina Electric Designer Radiators. Shop the range and find the ideal radiator for your space.

What are Reina Electric radiators?

Reina Electric Radiators are a mini-range of popular Reina designs which have been optimised for use on electric-only systems. This means that instead of needing to connect to your traditional heating system, these radiators work independently and only need plugged or wired up to your electric to get going.

Radiators like these work fantastically in converted rooms and extensions in the home where you would prefer to avoid having costly pipework carried out.

What colour are these radiators?

The majority of the range is available in either flat white, chrome, or a high sheen polished finish.

If there’s a specific colour you have in mind for an electric radiator, we recommend shopping for electric heating by finish to see similar products in the likes of anthracite, black and copper.

What size Reina Designer Electric Radiator should I get?

Electric radiators don’t necessarily match heat output when comparing size for size against a traditional radiator, so you will need to factor what wattage is appropriate.

If you already know the BTU of your existing radiators and wish to know what wattage you need, we have a handy conversion you can use in our Complete Guide to Electric Heating.

Can these radiators be used as towel rails?

Some of the vertical products work well if you have a bathroom or ensuite which you’d like to have a designer electric radiator in. The most notable would include the Chrome Reina Orne Aluminium Rail which has a fantastic offset design & the Polished Reina Arnage Stainless Steel Rail which matches the common towel rail design.

If you would like to see our entire range of exciting designs, you can shop for electric towel rails here.

What are these radiators made from?

Designer electric radiators tend to be made from different materials depending on what the manufacturer is trying to achieve. Within this range, we have steel, stainless steel, and aluminium electric radiators in stock.

Steel is the most common material and has excellent heat retention after the radiator has been turned off. Any products made from aluminium will have a quicker heat-up time and work well in tricky spaces which need to get warm in a hurry.

Do I need anything special for installation?

Your Reina Designer Electric Radiator will come with all the pieces necessary for a traditional installation.

If there is anything special you need, we recommend looking at our full range of radiator accessories.

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And if you want an idea of how long an order takes, you’ll find delivery timeframes here.

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