Vertical Electric Radiators

A fantastic way to save floor space, avoid nasty pipework and heat a room with no problems, we have a unique range of electric vertical radiators available that will see you measuring up walls in no time at all.

With their ultra-modern design and high-quality finish, we are proud to stock these electric vertical radiators that would look perfect in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway.

Shop the range today and see which electric vertical radiator would be the best fit for you.

Do electric vertical radiators heat a room easily?

Made from mild steel with a gloss finish, these radiators are large and absolutely incredible at heating up a difficult space. Even though they only have a 90mm projection from the wall, they still have a fantastic BTU level. For example, the DQ 488mm wide radiator has a BTU of 6,842, while the DQ 367mm wide radiator has a BTU of 5,118.

Not sure what BTU is and maybe don’t know what heat level your room needs? Have a go at using our handy heating calculator. It will help you understand what radiator will work best in problem spaces.

Can I put an electric vertical radiator in any room?

The great benefit of having an electric radiator is that It doesn’t need to be plumbed into the existing heating system at home. These radiators have a filling inside that will heat up in no time at all when plugged in.

You can install an electric radiator in any space that’s near a plug, or simply get a socket wired in; a much cheaper alternative to ripping up floorboards for new pipes. We find this works best in extensions at the back of the house, or in attic space you’ve converted into a bedroom.

Do you have other vertical radiators in stock?

Yes! We have other kinds of vertical radiators available, including:

If you're looking for a different style of electric vertical radiator, remember to take a look at our full range of electric radiators.

Can I control an electric vertical radiator independently?

Even though it won’t be on the same timer as your central heating, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an electric radiator come on as and when you need it. Shop our range of smart heating controls to get a smart thermostatic element that’s programmable on a 12 and 24-hour timer.

What finishes do the electric vertical radiators come in?

These radiators come with the option of an Anthracite or Gloss White finish. If you are planning on having the radiator on an exposed brick, bathroom wall or lightly painted wall, the Anthracite finish would look best.

If you’re looking to install the radiator in a room with a dark wall, white will look better.

Can I get a cheap electric vertical radiator?

We mainly stock DQ radiators within this range, which are designer radiators on the higher end of the price scale. If you’re working within a strict budget or want the best deal possible on a vertical radiator, visit our vertical column radiator section which has models starting at just £75.

Tall Electric Radiators

In some circumstances, tall electric radiators are needed to correctly and appropriately heat a room while looking aesthetically pleasing. While tall radiators have often been popular choices in huge open spaces that you may find in government buildings, educational institutions, industrial buildings and even some commercial properties – they can prove useful for the home too.

A great place tall radiators work very well is in the old tenement buildings that are a frequent occurrence across the UK. Tenement buildings will often have flats that have exceptionally high ceilings. Tall radiators are a great way to use all that extra space in a stylish yet functional way.

But even if you don’t live in a tenement building, most tall radiators will fit into a room and can act as a feature to compliment your home’s aesthetic - rather than a fixture to be hidden or blended.

What Tall Electric Radiators Does Trade Radiators Supply?

As with any kind of radiator, it is our goal to stock a varied supply that will enable you to get a radiator that serves your needs and looks great while it does so. Here are some tall electric radiator models to consider for your home or premises:

DQ Vela Vertical Designer Radiator (1800mm x 367mm) – a stunning addition to any room. This radiator doesn’t dominate the room but certainly adds some personality to your home aesthetic. A great choice for neo-traditional house styles due to its anthracite finish.

DQ Vela Vertical Designer Radiator (1800mm x 367mm) – or if anthracite will clash with your aesthetic, why not opt to go for a pristine white? Ideal for minimalist and contemporary aesthetics that want to add personality to a room.

Helping you find the best vertical radiator

New to the world of vertical radiators but don’t know which one to get? We’re here to help you find the best radiator for your home. You can get in touch with the team by phone 0141 225 0430 until 6pm every weekday. Or you can click on the chat icon in the corner and be taken directly to one of the customer support team. We are always happy to help you find the right electric vertical radiator for your room.