White Electric Radiators

Looking for a traditionally styled white radiator that provides an easy plug-and-go solution to heating difficult spaces? Trade Radiators has the UK’s best range of white electric radiators in stock right now.

Whether you’re looking for a simple column radiator which blends in perfectly with your existing set-up or have a new bathroom which would benefit from a compact electric towel rail, we have the right radiator for any room.

Our range or white electric radiators are ideal when you want to ensure your radiator which delivers on high heat output, minimal to no maintenance and can be programmed to match timings on your existing system (dependent on model and valves).

Browse our range, see which products we’ve recently added, and find a white electric radiator which will fit right in.

What does a white electric radiator look like?

The finish of the radiator depends on the product you’re after, but the majority of this range has white radiators with a gloss finish. There will be some slight variation in which white a specific radiator uses, but also provides that shine and vibrancy you expect from a white radiator.

Do you have to clean or maintain a white electric radiator?

Apart from making sure the surface is clean and dust-free, electric radiators do not require any special cleaners. With these radiators also acting as a closed-loop, they’ll never need bleeding or show signs of wear and tear from pipework in your heating system.

How do white electric radiators work?

The majority of the range, bar a few we’ll mention in a moment, have a heating element inside the radiator. When you turn on the radiator, the element will get warm and cause the fluid inside also to get warm. The fluid expands as temperatures rise, and this helps the radiator work just like a traditional model.

There are some exceptions in this range, which instead use infrared heat. Yandiya is a brand known for its uniquely designed aluminium and glass panel radiators which upend what you would expect from a radiator.

Which brands are known for their white electric radiators?

Apart from Yandiya, other electric brands we have in stock include:

Trade Direct

A radiator brand developed exclusively by the team at Trade Radiators. Trade Direct aims to provide customers in the UK with a better range of electric radiators, leaning on designer styles and more affordable products.

DQ Heating

Known for creating products that are reliable and long-lasting, DQ Heating create designer panel and column radiators which help tremendously if you’re heating spaces like the living room or office.


There’s arguably no better towel rail in the market right now than Pisa. We are delighted they have grown their range to now include white electric towel rails which can work wonders in bathrooms and areas tight on horizontal wall space.

What styles do white electric radiators come in?

We aim to provide as versatile a range as possible. With that, white electric radiators are available in the following styles:

  • Column
  • Curved Ladder Rail
  • Traditional
  • Designer
  • Straight Ladder Rail

Can I program an electric radiator?

Many of the products we have on offer will include a smart programmer where indicated. This allows for the use of independent heat control, via WI-FI or controllable with an app.

Other radiators in the range are manual by design. If you are interested in having the ability to control the timer and heat remotely, we have smart heating solutions in stock, as well as a dynamic range of valves.

Do white electric radiators need water

White electric radiators do not need water. They will use an internal fluid which allows for heat control and the ability to fine-tune your new radiator so it can match other radiators in your heating system.

View more electric heating options

We recommend visiting our electric heating range to find similar products in other finishes and styles. If you prefer the vibrancy of white radiators, but want a different shade, check out our chrome electric radiators.

Speedy delivery service

We aim to deliver white electric radiators to our customers as quickly as possible, no matter where in the country you are. That’s why we provide free mainland UK delivery on all our electrical products.

We also want to ensure your radiator will work correctly from the first time it’s turned on. We will usually take an extra day on standard delivery times to help adapt these radiators for use on electric systems. On average, customers will get their new white electric radiators in 3-4 working days.

You can find more information on our delivery page.

Need a question answered right now?

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Want to know more about electric radiators, or if you need anything special to get everything ready? Visit our advice section, where you’ll find articles on using electric radiators.

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