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Welcome to the Trade Radiators Energy Saving Hub. Here you'll find an abundance of useful information to help you cut down on your energy usage and save on your heating bills. In this era of high energy prices, nobody wants to overpay to keep their home warm and cosy, especially during the winter months. In many cases, a surprisingly small change to your living environment can make a huge difference to the amount you pay for energy over the course of the year. Take a look through our articles, guides and products to ensure you're maximising energy efficiency in your home.

Energy Saving Articles

With gas and electricity prices at record highs, it's always a good idea to maximise your energy efficiency to keep costs down. There are lots of options open to you when it comes to saving on energy usage and we've got plenty of articles to help you make energy and financial savings in your home. Take a look below for a variety of useful information.

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Instead of looking at changing energy providers or shopping around, you should look at how to improve the factors listed above to improve your home’s heating efficiency. Half the battle of saving money on heating is keeping the heat your radiators generate inside your home.

Top Energy-Saving Radiators

The range of energy-efficient radiators here at Trade Radiators offers homes practical and cost-effective heating. An energy-efficient radiator is best suited to the rooms where you use your heating the most, as that’s where you save the most. Upgrading to energy-efficient rads will help you save without having to compromise on your home’s heat.

How-To Guides

Ensuring your heating system is running smoothly can make a huge difference in reducing the amount of energy you use. There are many DIY tasks related to your radiators and central heating system that can often be done without calling in a professional. Browse our How-To guides below to see if there's an issue you can solve yourself.

How does a radiator valve work?
How does a radiator valve work?
Radiator valves provide a critical role in allowing water to flow in and out of radiators. Read this article to get a greater understanding of how these fascinating components work.
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21 March 2023
Why are my radiators getting hot when the heating is off?
Why are my radiators getting hot when the heating is off?
Radiators getting hot even when the heating is switched off is a fairly common problem. In this article, we'll explore the reasons why radiators might get hot even when the heating is switched off.
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14 March 2023
How to balance a radiator
How to balance a radiator
Learn why it's important to have a balanced central heating system, what factors might have caused it to become unbalanced and what you can do to ensure radiators heat your rooms evenly and efficiently.
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7 March 2023
When should you turn on the heating?
When should you turn on the heating?
Read this article to learn when it's the best time to switch your heating on in order to maximise energy efficiency and cost savings. See which are the best radiators for heating up quickly.
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21 February 2023
Does it matter which side of radiator flows & returns?
Does it matter which side of radiator flows & returns?
Knowing which pipe is bringing the hot water into your radiator and which is taking the cold water away is important. We look at how to identify the two and enabling you to ensure your radiator installation goes well.
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7 February 2023

Aluminium Energy Efficiency

It's becoming increasingly popular to install radiators that are manufactured with aluminium, rather than the traditional radiator material of mild steel. Aluminium is a fantastic conductor of heat, which means that 'alu-rads' can get up to your desired temperature very quickly, using less energy as they do so. We have a vast array of aluminium radiators on our website and also have a great selection of articles to help you navigate your way through an aluminium radiator purchase.

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Energy Efficient Electric Heating

Due to the importance of energy efficiency in today’s modern world, we offer a range of electric radiators that are low-cost and help you heat your home efficiently. If you don't have a gas-fired boiler central heating system in your home, then ensuring you choose an energy-efficient electric radiator will be an important way of keeping your bills down. We have a variety of articles on the subject of electric heating.

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