Heated Towel Rails & Bathroom Radiators

Trade Radiators is the UK’s leading online radiator store, and we’re delighted to also be one of the top stores online for heated towel rails. We have the widest range of towel rails you’ll find online, with models coming in all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re looking for a no-fuss budget option for the downstairs toilet you’ve just done up, have an open plan kitchen that would benefit from a designer rail, or work in a commercial space and want to save space, we have the right rail.

Take a look at our current heated towel rails and bathroom radiators to find one that works for you.

What Styles do Heated Towel Rails Come in?

It helps to get to grips with the styles of towel rail and what makes each unique. Our current range includes the following styles:

  • Ladder
    • A rail with a significant gap between section, reminiscent of a step ladder
  • Designer
  • Traditional
    • A rail with a very small central unit of a convector style radiator
  • Curved
    • A rail where the connecting rungs curve outwards
  • Straight
  • Horizontal
    • A rail that is longer than it is taller

You can see below we’ve made it easy to shop by style.

What Kind of Heating System do Heated Towel Rails Work in?

By default, these rails are made to work on a traditional heating system. In some cases, we have models that are adaptable to work in what is known as dual-fuel systems.

If you want a towel rail for a room but would prefer it was wired to the electric rather than getting pipework done, take a look at our electric heated towel rails.

Do Heated Towel Rails Heat a Room Easily?

These rails have tremendous heat output. We clearly show the BTU all of our towel rails can provide, helping customers find the right size for anywhere from a box bedroom to an open plan office.

It helps to do the heating requirement (in BTU) of a room, which you can calculate here. When you know your BTU, you can shop for towel rails by heating requirement and get the perfect rail to heat your room.

Do I Need Anything Special for a Towel Rail?

All rails come with the necessary fittings for installation. Depending on the design and colour of the towel rail you’ve chosen, you might want to get matching radiator valves or help finish the look by getting some towel rail accessories.

Many customers find that matching pipe sleeves helps when you have to give a clean and fresh look around your towel rail.

What Colour Do Towel Rails Come in?

The possibilities are endless when choosing the right finish. Popular colours for customers include:

  • Anthracite
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Polished
  • Chrome
  • Stainless Steel
  • White
  • Satin

Can I get a Heated Towel Rail for my Kitchen?

Towel rails are now a common sight in many kitchens, especially as many people are seeing the benefits of having a rail on supporting walls as opposed to stuffed away behind the dining table.

If you’re trying to find the right shape for your kitchen, or any room for that matter, we recommend clicking here so you can shop our entire range of towel rails by room.

Which Brands Make Good Towel Rails?

Brands we value the most include:

  • Trade Direct
  • Lazzarini
  • Pisa
  • Reina

Lazzarini and Pisa usually have 25mm bars on their rails, while Trade Direct starts at 22mm.

Can I Get a Cheap Designer Heated Towel Rail?

With our price match promise, you’re guaranteed to get the best price possible on any of the towel rails we have in stock. You can also see if there are any towel rails added to our clearance section for an even better deal.

Can I Use a Towel Rail as a Bathroom Radiator?

Yes. Some of the horizontal rails we have in stock look fantastic in bathrooms as they help provide the illusion of space.

Helping You Find the Right Heated Towel Rail

There are hundreds of designs to choose from. Remember that we provide free delivery on all towel rails and aim to get it delivered as quickly as possible.