Black Heated Towel Rails

When you’re looking to add depth and character to a room or feel your radiators require an upgrade you may want to consider a black heated towel rail. At Trade Radiators we have a range of high-performance black towel rails from brands we trust, all handpicked by our team.

Whether you’re looking for a dynamic rail for the kitchen, feel like a change of colour in the bathroom, or want the unique look of an offset black rail in any space, you may just find here in our black towel rail range.

Take a look at what we currently have in stock and see if Trade Radiators has the towel rail you’ve been looking for.

What styles do black heated towel rails come in?

Different rooms need different styles. That’s why we have a dynamic range to compliment any space.

Styles we currently have in stock include:

  • Curved ladder rails
  • Designer rails
  • Straight ladder rails

If this is your first time buying a towel rail, it helps to know what style works best. When the rail is to be hung at a height and take up minimal space, a straight ladder rail is best. When you need to use the rail daily to hang the towel in the bathroom, a curved one may prove beneficial for helping towels stay in place. And when you want a rail with some pizzazz, designer rails are the way to go.

Are black towel rails hard to keep clean?

The matt finish on these rails means they don’t need any special cleaners or treatments to stay clean. Bar keeping them dust-free and clean, they can be looked after just like any other radiator in your home.

What brands make the best black towel rails?

There are two big brands we think make fantastic black rails: Trade Direct and Pisa. Here is some information on each brand

Trade Direct black towel rails

Trade Direct is a range created by the team at Trade Radiators in response to the lack of design options and functionality available in the UK market. We wanted to give customers the chance to purchase designer style towel rails without the designer price tag attached and believe the products on offer here show that.

Due to the wide variety of shapes Trade Direct black towel rails come in, we hope that you can find a black rail for petty much any space. The black straight 600 mm by 400mm rail is a compact and straightforward option for bathrooms, ensuites or cloakrooms, while the likes the 600mm by 1000mm rail help when you’re trying to heat awkward spaces.

Those looking for a unique style when choosing a black towel rail will like the look of the Nevo Offset and Saturn Offset; both of which are available in single and triple row options. The shorter rails are suitable for your ensuite, while those reaching upwards of 1600mm tall are great for rooms with high ceiling and kitchens that need a decent level of heat output to feel warm.

All of the Trade Direct black heated towel rails you’ll see in this range come with at least a 10 (sometimes 15) year guarantee on the product.

And remember that all Trade Direct products qualify for free next working day delivery when ordered before 2 pm.

Pisa black towel rails

Pisa is a fantastic brand we find makes some of the best rails in the business. Black is often a tricky colour to get right when you’re looking for a matt finish on a radiator (most traditional radiators have a gloss finish), and these rails from Pisa show how opting for a reputable brand will see you with a high-quality rail.

Some standouts within the range include their 800mm by 600mm straight rail with 25mm bars and the 1600mm by 600mm vertical rail with a whopping 3081 BTU output.

If you’re interested in seeing other designs and finishes from Pisa, you can shop the full range of towel rails from Pisa here.

What size of black towel rail do I need?

While going for the biggest radiator will generate the most heat, it helps to know what level of heat the space you’re working in needs. To choose the most suited radiator for your home, make use of our handy Trade Radiators heating calculator which will predict the necessary heat output required to maintain your desired room temperature.

The bigger you go, the more heat output a heated towel rail can provide. We recommend that someone swapping an older radiator for a new rail takes the time to figure out the heat requirements for their room. All it takes are a few measurements and using our handy heating calculator to see what BTU your space needs. You can then filter the products in stock to find a suitably sized radiator for that heat range.

Can I get an electric black towel rail?

More and more we’re finding customers are opting for electrical rails where possible. You can shop our range of black electric towel rails and see if there’s a suitable product for your space.

Our price guarantee

It is important to us that customers get the best price possible when purchasing a new black towel rail. That’s why we have our price match guarantee in place. If you find another UK based retailer selling the same towel rails for a better total price (that includes delivery, which is always free at Trade Radiators), we will match it.

Our delivery guarantee

We hate the idea of customers having to wait around days on end for their new towel rails. That’s why we strive to get your new black rail delivered by next working day where possible. You’ll see the current delivery status within each product page.

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