Energy Efficient Towel Rails

If you are looking for a new heated towel rail, you are going to want to consider a few things, firstly, how much will it cost to run? And secondly, is it future proof? 

Having a future-proofed heater means that you won’t have to go and replace it should you opt for alternative energy arrangements to be more sustainable.

Here at Trade Radiators, we stock heated towel rails that can be powered with solar energy as well as geothermal heat pumps.

And don’t worry, you won’t be skimping out on performance, you will get an energy output from these towel rails that is up there with the output of conventional radiators.

If you are just looking to get more for less through extra efficiency, we offer that too. Our aluminium towel rails heat up quickly, saving you lots on your monthly bill.

Where Would An Energy Efficient Towel Rail Go?

While the obvious answer is the bathroom or the kitchen, these towel rails are also well suited to open spaces.

Due to their high output despite a lower consumption of energy, these would be an excellent addition to your hallway, or maybe even your converted attic.

What Energy Efficient Towel Rail Options Are There?

You’ll be spoiled for choice here at Trade Radiators, with excellent energy-efficient towel rails that look good and perform well. 

We only stock models from top brands that we ourselves would use. So, despite our great rates, you’re guaranteed a good standard of heating and reliability. Here are just a couple of options:

How Powerful Are These Towel Rails?

Despite their ability to use energy with added efficiency, even leveraging renewable energy, your quality of heating will remain the same.

Not only will these towel rails heat up faster, but they’ll also heat up to an impressive BTU output of 2500, rivalling most conventional radiators.

Is this enough for your home? Find out with our handy BTU calculator which you can use by clicking here.

How Much Is An Energy Efficient Towel Rail?

These heated rails will not break the bank, generally sitting between £250 and £500, so pick one up now before renewables become more commonplace in the domestic sector!

And if you’re lucky, you might even make great savings with our regular, year-round deals and special offers.

Worried you’ll get the same heated towel rail elsewhere for less? You won’t. And we are so confident about that that we cover our products with a price match guarantee.

Can I Pick My Finish?

Of course! It’s important that your towel rail looks excellent in your home, you can pick from an excellent range of finishes including the following:

And many more!

Get In Touch For More

We sell excellent radiators at great rates and we do it with second-to-none customer service.

If you would like to learn more about our great services, such as our delivery, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Trade Radiators team.

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