Ladder Heated Towel Rails

In today's market, ladder heated towel rails are no longer just functional; they can be items of beauty as well, mimicking the style of the room you are creating, be it traditional or contemporary.

We've always been big fans of ladder heated towel rails and are proud to provide a wide variety of heated towel rails that have a ladder design. These can be categorised into the following:

Standard Heated Towel Rails

Standard Heated Towel Rails are designed to be plumbed into the original 'wet' central heating system like any other kind of regular radiator.

These radiators have the advantage of being the most cost-effective; however, they will only heat up when the central heating is on, which is usually during the winter.

Electric Towel Rails

Electric-only heated towel rails are not connected to the central heating system; they are filled with a thermodynamic heating solution and heated via an electric element.

The element is connected via a fused spur which will switch the towel rail on and off. Electric towel rails are ideal if you do not have a central heating system in place or to work in conjunction with underfloor heating.

Dual Fuel Towel Rails

The Dual Fuel option provides the best of both worlds. They can be used as any other heater when the central heating is on, and when during the summer, the internal electrical element allows the drying of towels without having to switch the whole central heating system on.

This type of rail connects to your 'wet' central heating system and also to a fused spur also. From a functionality and economic standpoint, these are the best option and the most popular ones. Almost all of the heated towel rails we offer are available as a Dual Fuel option.

How to Choose A Ladder Heated Towel Rail

Firstly, consideration needs to be given to the size of the room in question. We have a dedicated Heating Calculator to help you choose; however, a general rule of thumb is approximately 340 BTU's / 100 watts per square meter of floor space; this should give ample heat to both dry towels and heat the room.

Mounting Your Heated Ladder Towel Rail

Aesthetics and space limitations can often dictate this. Should you be able to, though, it is recommended the Heated Towel Rail should be placed on the coldest wall of your bathroom.

This will often be the external wall of the room, usually with a window. Placement here will tend to ensure a good repetition of the heat throughout the room, which will gain efficiency.

Heated Ladder Towel Rail Finishes

Aesthetics are important to consider, which is why we have a vast range of colours and finishes to choose from, such as:

As well as custom colours available. Use our on-page filter to choose a rail of your liking.

Shop beautiful, cost-effective rails today.


How Much Does It Cost to Run a Heated Towel Rail?

There can be lots of factors that can affect this, such as which type of heating source you choose, be it standard, electric or dual fuel, the power and placement of the rail and the desired room temperature and heating cycle of the rail. We do, however, have some advice that may help you to reduce your bills.

It is always recommended to fit a thermostatic valve on your non-electric rail, as this will help you maintain the right temperature in your room.

With electric and dual fuel options, we recommend getting the smart thermostatic element which allows the option of the 2-hour cycle at various temperatures. This control will ensure the effective use of the element.


How Do I Care for my Heated Towel Rail?

Regardless of the finish of the rail, be it chrome, stainless steel or a painted finish, it is recommended to never use aerosols or corrosive or hazardous products on or around the towel rail.

The best practice is for the towel rail to be cleaned using warm water and a soft cloth.


Do I Need A Heated Ladder Towel Rail And A Radiator?

In most rooms, no. As a heated ladder towel rail is capable of generating satisfactory BTU for smaller spaces, they are usually enough to provide heat and functionality. However, for bigger kitchens and bathrooms, a small radiator may also be necessary.

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