Lazzarini Heated Towel Rails

Trade Radiators are delighted to stock Lazzarini towel rails. Italian made, Lazzarini towel rails ooze style and sophistication and are one of the most contemporary brands which we stock on the site.

Combining this Italian style with high quality materials creates a wide-ranging towel rail, able to withstand the test of time. Although designed as towel rails, because Lazzarini are so stylish, they can also be used as a radiator in the living room or kitchen as an elegant wall decoration. Lazzarini create a range of different heated towel rails.

Contemporary Style & Modern Efficiency

At Trade Radiators we have selected seven Lazzarini heated rails which offer powerful heat outputs while retaining their signature, elegant style.

The Lazzarini Palermo

For a contemporary bathroom, the Lazzarini Palermo is the perfect bathroom radiator. Using wide, flat, rectangular rails, the Palermo creates a modern design to rival most other designer radiator brands. The Lazzarini Palermo rails come with an elegant chrome finish and sit just 450mm from the wall. At Trade Radiators we have three different Palermo towel rails varying in size, giving our customers more variety in the size of towel rail they choose.

The Lazzarini Todi

The Lazzarini Todi rail is also incredibly modern. These heated towel rails come in the colour anthracite which has become increasingly popular in radiator design in recent years. Combine this with its sleek design results in a modern towel rail ideal for either a contemporary bathroom or kitchen.

Other Lazzarini radiators stocked at Trade Radiators include the Lazzarini Roma, Catania and Siracusa. These Lazzarini radiators are extremely diverse and are compatible with standard, electric and dual fuel heating systems.

The Lazzarini Cortina

The Cortina is the only solely electric heated towel rail in the Lazzarini range. Not only are the Lazzarini towel rails eye catching, they are also very efficient radiators with strong BTU outputs, something which is apparent in all Lazzarini radiators.

Calculating Your Heat Requirements (BTU)

Before buying your heated towel rail, it is important to work out the BTU output you need to heat your room. Figuring out your BTU output is very important as it ensures you get the right size of radiator to heat your room. If your BTU output is too little, your room won’t heat up fully and if it’s too much then you could be using too much energy heating your room.

There are many things to consider when calculating the BTU of your room. Fortunately, we have created our handy heating calculator which does it all for you. Simply add your dimensions and let the computer do the rest.

Why Choose Trade Radiators?

Our entire Lazzarini towel rail range comes with a 10 year guarantee and next day delivery on all orders placed before 2pm. We guarantee you won’t find a Lazzarini radiator at a better price and if you do, we will match it with our price match guarantee. Check out our discount page for great deals on Lazzarini radiators and other brands here.

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