Satin Heated Towel Rails

A genuinely unique finish you won’t find in other makes, we are very proud to stock a range of high-quality satin heated towel rails. If you’ve been looking for a unique designer heated towel rail that comes with an unbeatable guarantee and better quality, then you came to the right place. 

Shop this range today and see why Trade Radiators is the UK’s leading provider of towel rails. 

What exactly is a satin finish?

Satin is a unique, high-quality finish you’ll only get with a select range of radiators. It is often referred to as a brushed finish and in many cases will have to be done by hand to get the achieved look. It provides the shine of a chrome finish but with a much more distinctly muted look.

Do satin heated towel rails heat a room easily?

With the broader gaps between rails and thinner width, these radiators are best suited to a space that requires a lower BTU.

Don’t know what your room’s BTU is? Use our heating calculator to see what level of heat you need.

What rooms best suit a satin heated towel rail?

With the unique finish, this kind of towel rail is more adaptable to a wider range of spaces. We find that they look great in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways.

The wider gap doesn’t lend itself so well if you were thinking of having a towel rail in the bedroom, in which case we would recommend looking at black heated towel rails.

Do satin towel rails require a lot of upkeep?

Satin radiators are very easy to keep clean and maintain. For example, the Reina models you can see in this collection have a 25-year guarantee on the towel rail.

These radiators are also made of Grade 304 Stainless Steel. We find that this particular grade is fantastic as an anti-rust material, and anti-corrosive steel is used to help prolong the life of the towel rail. 

Do I need any special extras for a satin towel rail?

These radiators should work perfectly as we provide relevant fittings with your order to complete the installation. When installing, it is good to know that they accept straight, angled and corner valves.

If you have older radiator valves that would look out of place when you get your satin radiator delivered, take a look at our satin radiator valves

How can I get a cheap satin heated towel rail?

We do have offers from time to time for these towel rails and regular discount codes available if you visit the homepage. 

We would also suggest taking a look at our towel rail clearance page. It’s a great chance to get a better deal on a satin rail that we’ll be removing soon.

How long does it take to get a satin heated towel rail delivered?  

If you order your towel rail before 2pm, we aim to have it delivered anywhere in mainland UK by next working day. And remember that all deliveries at Trade Radiators are free, so you won’t get any surprises or hidden delivery charges popping up when you go to checkout.

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