Shop for Heated Towel Rails by Finish

A heated towel rail is an excellent way of updating a room where you’re replacing older radiators. When you’re limited on floor space, and you need a radiator which can heat a room effortlessly, you’ll want to look at some of the heated towels we currently have on offer.

We also know that variety works best when choosing a towel rail, and that’s why we have rails available in different colours and finishes, to help you find a towel rail that can work in any room.

Shop our current range of heated towel rails by colour and read on for more information about these rails.

Different colours for heated towel rails

Finishes we currently have available for heated towel rails include:

  • Anthracite
  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Polished
  • White
  • Satin
  • Silver

Chrome would be the most popular rail finish we have on-site just now, but the ultra-modern look of the anthracite rails is becoming more and more popular every month.

Which colour of electric radiator works best?

You’ll want to find a colour that matches the décor of a room. For example, if you needed a rail for your bathroom and the taps, fixtures and fittings were all chrome, then a chrome finish would look best.

If you wanted to keep things simple, a white or polished towel rail would be ideal.

One thing to remember when choosing a new towel rail; always choose function over colour. A certain rail may look great but make sure you get one with a BTU that matches the heat requirements for your room; otherwise you won’t ever have your room just the way you like it.

Are different colours more expensive than others?

No. The only difference in the price you’ll see between finishes will usually be due to rails being made by different brands.

If you’re looking for a towel rail at an unbeatable price, have a quick look at our clearance section with recent additions from Pisa and Delonghi.

Which brands make the best colour towel rails?

We only stock brands we value highly, and every name in this section will give you a high-quality towel rail that will work perfectly for years. Some of the most highly-rated amongst customers are the Lazzarini chrome towel rails and Trade Direct white towel rails.

Do colour electric colours require upkeep?

These models are made to the highest standards possible and shouldn’t require any major upkeep to operate at 100%.

Check if you need a dual fuel kit

You may notice when looking at a specific product, you’ll be asked if you want the rail to have a dual fuel kit. If you want the rail to be operated as a standalone electric heater independent of the central heating, then you’ll want to choose a dual fuel kit.

I have a specific colour in mind. Can you help?

We don’t currently have any towel rails you can have a custom colour finish on. If you’d like a similarly styled radiator you can have painted a certain colour, we recommend looking at our custom colour radiators, where you’ll find vertical radiators that can be finished any way you like.