1120mm x 500mm Heated Towel Rails

Our range of heated towel rails that are sized at 1120mm x 500mm offers fantastic heating performance with a space-effective design that can fit into most rooms.

They come with a range of finishes and styles so that they can fit into the vision that you have for your dream home.

Please note that each product listed within this category may vary slightly in size and as a result, may include products slightly above or below this size category.

Where Would I Need an 1120mm x 500mm Towel Rail?

These heated towel rails offer the versatility and size to go virtually anywhere, 1120x500 offers a design that can fit seamlessly into rooms where space is at a premium.

From living rooms to kitchens, these heated towel rails can offer so much more than just heating for your bathroom towels.

What 1120mm x 500mm Heated Towel Rails do Trade Radiators Offer?

We offer a range of Trade Direct heated towel rails, one of our top brands that offer European quality. Some of the models that we stock are as follows:

Trade Direct Saturn Triple Towel Rail, Anthracite, 1120x500mm

Trade Direct Saturn Bar Towel Rail, Black, 1120x500mm (Electric)

Trade Direct Saturn Bar Towel Rail, White, 1120x500mm (Electric)

We stock gas and electric options in a wide range of colours, the Saturn range is a popular option with fantastic reliability at an affordable price.

How Powerful Is A 1120 mm x 500 mm Towel Rail?

These towel rails can produce great heat with a BTU output that sits around 2000, which is impressive considering how cost-effective these products can be.

There are also many electric models that can be used in collaboration with reusable energy, which is growing rapidly in demand. Electric models can produce 600 watts.

These towel rails can heat clothes on a cold morning, dishcloths and wipes in a kitchen, and even small rooms.

How Can I Get A Cheap 1120mm x 500mm Towel Rail?

The Saturn range is cost-effective, coming in between £150 and £250 depending on the model.

We have sales and special offers throughout the year which gives our customers the possible opportunity to find their preferred 1120mm x 500mm Towel Rail at a reduced rate.

We also offer a price match guarantee so that you can be certain that you won’t find these great heated towel rails cheaper at any of our competitors.

Can I Pick the Finish On My Towel Rail?

The Saturn line by Trade Direct offers a range of colours so that you can find a model that suits the room where you want to install your heated towel rail.

Some of our finish options include

  • Black
  • White
  • Anthracite
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chrome

Delivery Guarantee

Following a filling process that may take up to 3 days for heated towel rails, we seek to deliver to our customers on the next working day.

Once your product is delivered, make sure that there were no issues in transit and everything is working well as we have a 3-day problem product return limit.

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