Silver Heated Towel Rails

A fantastic finish when you want a radiator which adds vibrancy to any space, the range of silver heated towel rails currently available at Trade Radiators can give your rooms a unique look that is hard to achieve with traditional radiators.

The radiators in this range are finished to an incredibly high standard and look remarkable considering how hard it can be to pull off a silver finish on top. Whether you need a new radiator in the kitchen, feel like it’s time to finally have a towel rail in the bathroom, or just like the possibility of swapping an old faded radiator for a better colour, a silver rail might be what you’re looking for.

Shop the current range, find the ideal size and shape, and save money on a new silver heated towel rail when you shop at Trade Radiators.

What styles do silver heated towel rails come in?

It helps to give rooms a little personality where possible, and individual radiator styles can help achieve this. That’s why we strive to stock as many rail styles and designs as possible.

Some of the current designs you can get for a silver rail include:

  • Straight rail
  • 3 & 4 section ladders
  • Offset rails

For first time buyers, understanding what style works in a specific room helps make finding the right rail easier. If you are looking for a rail because you’re limited by wall space and want to keep the wall projection (this is how far the rail sticks out) as thin as possible, straight rails are best. You’ll see when clicking on each product how far out your rail will be when hung on the wall.

If you want a rail you know you can keep towels on, section rails and offset rails make it simple. The offset design is also popular in kitchens where people will tend to have a few tea towels lying around and are looking for simple ways to keep things tidy. Something like the Trade Direct Nevo Offset is an excellent choice in the kitchen when you’d want a rail you can install above waist height for accessibility.

Are silver towel rails hard to keep clean?

Silver towel rails tend to have a little more lustre and shine than other radiators. With their finish and top layer, a user shouldn’t find themselves needing to use any special sprays or cleaners to keep the rail looking good. These rails can be looked after like any other radiator at home.

What brands make the best silver towel rails?

Trade Direct would be the leading brand we have on offer within the range. It is a brand developed by the team here at Trade Radiators. We have been selling radiators and rails for years now and found that customers in the UK aren’t afforded the same level of variety and quality you’ll find in other countries unless they opt for designer names.

That’s why we’ve made unique ranges with a designer influence and a better price point for the customer. Within this silver mini-range, we offer as many sizes as possible to cater to every room in the home. Some of the smaller silver heated towel rails like the 816x500mm Trade Direct Nevo Bar Towel Rail are ideal for any ensuite or downstairs toilets where you don’t want the radiator to intrude in the space. Larger rails like the 1595x500mm Silver Trade Direct Saturn Bar Towel Rail can help heat larger spaces, especially tall rooms, without any problems.

This range also provides some unique designs for those who want more than a standard looking towel rail. Any of the offset models, especially the likes of the Saturn, look great in bathrooms. Most of the Trade Direct products you see on this page are available as dual-fuel radiators if you are looking for a radiator which provides versatile heat output.

All of the Trade Direct silver heated towel rails you’ll see in this section have at least a 10 (sometimes 15) year guarantee on the product, showing how well they’ll work for you over the years. And remember that all Trade Direct towel rails qualify for free next working day delivery when ordered before 2 pm.

What size of silver towel rail do I need?

The ideal heat output from a towel rail isn’t down to the size of the radiator, but the size and measurements of your room. All too often, people will buy the biggest radiator they can possibly fit because they assume it is the only way for a room to get warm. Every room you need a radiator in has a unique BTU requirement, and you’ll see we list the BTU in every product description.

To find the right rail for your rooms, the Trade Radiators heating calculator will show you the necessary heat output required to maintain the best room temperature. You can use the results to filter products within the desired BTU range.

Can I get an electric silver towel rail?

The majority of products on this page are dual-fuel adaptable so they can be used with a traditional home heating system or act independently with electric. If you are looking for an electric-only option, you can shop our range of electric heated towel rails, with silver rails available.

Our price guarantee

Trade Radiators wants to guarantee that customers across the country always get the best deal possible on a new towel rail when they shop with us. That’s why we have a price guarantee in place. If you find the same make and model available from another UK retailer’s website for a better total price (this includes delivery), let us know, and we’ll match it.

Our delivery guarantee

Whether you’re in John O’Groats or Land’s End, you don’t have to wait around on a new silver towel rail from Trade Radiators. Most of the products you see here will have free next working day delivery if ordered before 2 pm. And even if you order later than that, we’ll try our best to get your radiator delivered as quickly as possible.

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