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Finding a radiator that suits all your needs is what Trade Radiators is all about. We have an abundance of high-quality, premium-grade radiators to choose from and a radiator finder tool to assist you in narrowing our selection down.


Use our tool to get the ideal radiator for your home or business.

Filter By Delivery And Stock

The first two filters you will see at the top of the filter section of the tool are:

  • Need It Fast?
  • Stock

The ‘need it fast?’ filter will enable you to filter for products that we offer either next day delivery on or products we can get to you within a week. You can read more about our excellent delivery service here.


The stock filter will allow us to choose from products that we currently have a supply of, and for products that we don’t, you can always reach out to us.


We have a wide range of radiators for you to choose from, including:

You can also view more of our huge selection of radiators to find the right choice for your room.

Filter By Brand, Column Profile, and Range

Additional filters that you will discover as you work your way from top to bottom down the tool are:

  • Brand
  • Column Profile
  • Range

These filters allow you to locate a specific model of radiator quickly, for example, if you want to buy a replacement model for your project.


‘Brand’ allows you to filter through the different premium brands we offer. ‘Column Profile’ allows you to choose how many columns the radiator will have; this usually impacts how much heat the radiator will generate. Finally, ‘Range’ allows you to find a particular range of products by name.

Colour, Radiator Type, Height, and Width

For the next four filters, you will find:

  • Colour
  • Radiator Type
  • Height (mm)
  • Width (mm)

And you will find these below ‘Range’ on the filter tool. ‘Colour’ allows you to filter for a specific colour of the radiator. This is useful for interior design purposes. ‘Radiator Type’ allows you to choose between the type of heating technology used in the radiator itself, e.g. electric.

‘Height’ and ‘width’ are self-explanatory. But using these filters, you can filter for the dimensions you seek using millimetres as the measurement unit.

BTU, Style, Material

The next sections of the radiator style tool are important as they will impact how quickly, slowly, or powerful a radiator is. These filters are:

  • BTU (power rating)
  • Style (kind of radiator)
  • Material

The ‘BTU’ is important as this is the unit for which radiator power is measured. A higher BTU means that a radiator is more powerful, and a lower BTU means less powerful. Higher BTU radiators are usually used for large rooms. If you are in doubt about the BTU rating you need, use our BTU heating calculator.


The ‘style’ refers to what kind of radiator you want. Are you looking for traditional? Designer? Or something more specific like a Bay Window radiator?


Lastly, ‘Material’ allows you to choose from what metal the radiator is constructed from. Aluminium, for example, heats up quicker than metals like cast iron


If you're unsure which one to get, why not browse through our all of our radiators?

Valve Direction, Style, and Type 

When we get down to the latter filters on the tool, they deal with valves for radiators:

  • Valve Direction
  • Valve Style
  • Valve Type

‘Valve direction’ deals with the direction or orientation of the valve. The ‘valve style’ correlates to what kind of valve you want from a design perspective. ‘Valve type’ refers to the technology used in the valve itself.

Pipe Centres, Direction

When we get down to the last four filters, you will find:

  • Pipe Centres (mm)
  • Price
  • Radiator Panel
  • Direction

‘Pipe centres’ refers to the measurement of the distance between a radiator’s two pipe inlets. This is useful if the pipe inlets jut out beyond the length of the radiator. ‘Price’ allows you to filter by your budget.


The ‘Radiator panel’ filter helps you to sort our selection of radiators based upon the number of columns the radiators have, or if it is a single or double panel radiator.


The last filter that is a part of the tool, ‘direction’, allows you to select if you are looking for a vert. 

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions relating to our radiator finder tool, or any questions at all about our products or services, feel free to contact us.


Our radiator experts are more than happy to help.

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