Standard Radiator Sizes

With standard radiator sizes from Trade Radiators, you get moderately sized units that meet your home or office heating needs.

The units in this collection range from 500(h) x 800 (w) to 600 x 1200, so you have an idea of what’s available. These radiator sizes are mainly suited to heating medium-sized spaces, and you get a wide selection of styles, materials, configurations and more.

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Our Range of Standard Radiator Sizes

Discover the array of options available when you order home heating solutions in standard radiator sizes from Trade Radiators. All these units come from top manufacturers in the industry, like Reina, Nordic and DQ Heating.

There are a variety of style options for you to explore here. Whether you prefer column radiators, flat panels, convector heaters or anything else, you will find options in this collection. And there is an immense selection of colours and finishes to make the aesthetic work for your space.

When you order from us, you get exclusive discounts against the RRP and generous manufacturer guarantees on all products. You also get fast, free delivery to any UK mainland address.


Finding The Right Standard Radiator Sizes

Your ideal standard radiator size will be the one that offers the optimal heat output for your needs. Learn what this is with the help of the free Trade Radiators BTU calculator so you can focus your search on units that offer maximum efficiency.

Anytime you need assistance, you can get in touch and speak to our team. We can answer questions about products in this range and help you make informed decisions about your purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions About Standard Radiator Sizes

Why Do I Need Standard Radiator Sizes?

Standard radiator sizes are ideal for warming medium-sized spaces and installing where you have certain radiator pipe distances. These products all come from top brands and include a wide selection of styles, materials, configurations and more for your needs.

Do You Sell Standard Radiator Sizes In Different Styles?

Yes, you will find the full gamut of radiator styles in this collection. Start scrolling to find units within a certain size range that encapsulate every aesthetic available.

Do You Sell Electric Units In Standard Radiator Sizes?

Yes, there are plenty of electric radiators in this size range. You will also find others in larger or smaller sizes if you look elsewhere in the catalogue.

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